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Hawksmoor Spitalfields

Dianne Bortoletto
Not having booked a table on a Saturday, we were lucky enough to find a table here. Hawksmoor specializes in steak and it is the ultimate carnivore’s dream. The meat is supplied by the Ginger Pig, a well-regarded producer. Steaks are charged by weight, for example, T-bone £7.50 per 100g, sirloin £8.50 per 100g. I was with two of my friends, Claire and Zorba. Zorba’s steak tasted smoky and delicious. He enjoyed it, although he said it wasn’t the best ever steak of his life. But still very, very good. I went for two starters instead. I loved the sound of them both and couldn’t choose between the pork belly ribs and the young beetroot and pea salad with goats cheese and tarragon. The ribs were sticky, fatty and oh so tasty. The beetroot salad was really yummy, and it felt good to eat vegetables again.