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St Leonard's Church

Up on a hill, overlooking the coastal town of Hythe, is the 11th-century church of St.Leonard. St. Leonard’s Church has been an important part of the Hythe community for almost 800 years and has watched over the town’s rich history while remaining a steadfast monument of it’s past. As I stepped (okay climbed, breathing heavily) up to the face of the the church, I wondered if the walls could talk what stories they would tell. The church itself is modest, but beautiful, with a charming old cemetery and stained-glass dotted interior. St.Leonard’s has been a witness to countless tragedies and triumphs and has miraculously withstood through time and remains an important house of worship for the townspeople today. Almost as a testament to St.Leonard’s diverse and colorful past, a small room within it’s walls holds a mysterious secret that scientists have been unable to matter-of-factly solve to date. Called “The House of Bones” a small crypt lies within St. Leonards which holds the human remains of over 4000 people. Piles of leg bones and shelves of human skulls welcome you as you enter. It is a surreal experience to visit the crypt as it is so unusual to see human bones kept in such a way.