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This is a small village in the Spiti Tehsil surrounded by the Naggar Tehsil. This is a very remote place and there is not even a single railway line here. The rustic atmosphere of the village and the simple lifestyle of the people will impress you no doubt.
Saurabh Narang
Deepika Vaidya
Niyati Mavinkurve
Demul was one of the most serene villages I have ever stayed in and if we didn’t have to pack up and leave the next day, I would have stayed on for a few days. The homestay was comfortable, there were small pea and potato fields and our hosts were friendly.
Niyati Mavinkurve
It is no wonder that Demul is a village where everyone prospers. Their own rules made it equitable for everyone to earn. Their rules made it possible for everyone to share their life with others. Their own rules made it possible for the same person to have a different experience if they came to Demul again. This village with 53 houses had shown wisdom far greater than even countries had.By opening up their homes and also their hearts, Demul was a village where everyone prospered. Even the tourists.How to reach Demul:1. Demul can be reached by taking a cab from Kaza. Private cabs are available for hire.2. There are several tour operators who conduct tours to different villages. I went on a Homestay Trek tour conducted by Spiti Valley Adventure. The trek was moderately difficult requiring a level of fitness. There are also other Innova trips which do not involve trekking.3. In the alternate, there are buses which run in the summer from Kaza to Langza. Demul can be reached by trekking from Langza, with a break in Komic. Demul is 8 hours from Komic and Komic is about 5 hours from Langza.4. Tour operators conducting tours in Spiti are:a. http://spitiholidayadventure.comc. http://www.spitiecosphere.comd. http://kinnaurlahaulspiti.come. http://www.incrediblespiti.comNote: This is not an exhaustive list of tour operators. 4. In the alternate, it is also possible to travel by a self driven car or a bike to Demul.
Niyati Mavinkurve
The day I woke up to go to Demul, I knew I was sick. And badly so. I was miles away from civilization with no network, experiencing altitude mountain sickness the first time. I never wanted to get back home so badly.But if I had done that, I would have missed out on visiting Demul, a village which has perfected the socialist model so well, that the whole village prospers together.