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Situated in the sangla Valley, this place is famous for the ancient fort built here in pagoda style. The fort houses beautiful idols of Lord Buddha and Kamakshi Devi, a form of Goddess Sati or Dhakti. The idols are placed in the thrid floor of the fort and this has made the place a famous pilgrimage spot too. The idol of Kamakshi Devi is said to have been brought down from Gwahati. There is also a temple of Badrinath here which dates back to the 15th century. A fair is held every three years in honor of the goddess who is taken to the gangotri to get washed.
The Travelling Assassin
A five storeyed wooden fort in Sangla valley.
Shoyeta chatterjee
Its a nice hike to the place and the view makes it worth it. Its at a distance of half an hour drive from Sangla