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Some say that Kaza is the most beautiful place in all of north India, yes that includes Ladakh! The capital of Spiti Valley, Kaza is every traveller's dream. Mostly unexplored owing to its inaccessibility, it has gradually found its place in the 'must visit places in India'. Overwhelming mountains, sparkling rivers, gurgling streams and a landscape unlike any other – Kaza needs to be seen to be believed. As you make your way from the city to this unknown land, you realise the disparity between urban living and simple life. And appreciate it. For miles and miles, you may not come across another human being but will certainly have sounds of nature to accompany you. Yes, Kaza is as poetic as travellers make it sound. The town is divided into parts and also serves as a pass to Ladakh. If you have visited Ladakh, the cultural similarities of both places will not surprise you. Though Kaza is not a typical holiday destination, it offers travellers much more. The base point for many treks, Kaza is where expert trekkers find solace. Do visit Tabo Monastery, which is considered to be one of the Buddhist centres in the Himalayas. The hotels here offer you basic but warm and well-maintained rooms with local meals that you just can't say no to! Reaching here isn't a problem either since buses from Manali run regularly, though the roads here are a little tricky! Perfect for adventure enthusiasts, Kaza is not everyone's cup of tea so if you are looking for a relaxed, no-hassle holiday, do think again!
Early next morning we started from Tabo towards Kaza. On the way we visited Dhankar Monastery located atop a high hillock. This monastery is listed among the 100 endangered sites in the world due to its harsh climate and is mostly inaccessible during winter. One can get an amazing view of the low land and the rough terrains from the windows of Dhankar Gompa.By late afternoon we reached Kaza which is best described as "A world within a world". It is one of the largest township and center of all the major activities in Lahual & Spiti Valley. One can also find the world’s highest altitude retail outlet petrol pump here. If you are travelling towards Manali via Chandratal, it is very much recommended that we get a full tank in Kaza itself. After booking our accommodation for that night we planned to visit Keh and Kibber monastery which is about 13 km from Kaza town. Kibber is the world's highest village connected by motorable road and it has got unique houses made of stone. Even the trails to Kibber is truly mesmerizing. Passing through the narrow lanes of this village we reached Kibber Monastery located at the highest point of it. One can get a splendid view of the village from there. After spending about an hour, we descended towards Keh Monastery or Keh Gompa. Undoubtedly I can say, Keh Monastry is thousand times more spectacular than what I have seen in Google. It claims to be the largest Monastery of Spiti Valley and it can accommodate around 250 monks. Spending a night there and star gazing would have been a fantastic thing, but we were short of time and so we headed back to our accommodation in Kaza.
Pin Valley - Kaza - 50 km (2 hours)*Finally after so much of waiting around 8 pm we reached to Headquarter of Spiti- Kaza (12500 ft)!*In Kaza I stayed in "SOLO YOLO Homestay" At -26 Celsius the hospitality, the food, the care, mainly Fun, really appreciable Staff and management. You can't get better then that.
*We are waiting for the end of the road, we were tired and scared, we were frustrated with not ending road. High altitude and thin air making us frustrated, But we didn’t realize that we were so close to our dream destination. And at around 9 PM finally, we were in a Headquarter of Spiti - Kaza (12500 ft)!*And then we went to our hotel room. (Norbuling hotel) And Had light dinner and stared at the sky. We were able to see Milky way through naked eyes without any external equipment.Stay: Hotel Room - Norbuling hotelDay 3: Kaza - Langza - Komic - Hikkim- Kee - Kaza
Dhankar - Kaza - 33 km (1 hours)*After careful coming down to base, we drove back towards Kaza.
Hima Jagadeesh
NAKO TO KAZA (3 hrs, 115 km approx)