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Some say that Kaza is the most beautiful place in all of north India, yes that includes Ladakh! The capital of Spiti Valley, Kaza is every traveller's dream. Mostly unexplored owing to its inaccessibility, it has gradually found its place in the 'must visit places in India'. Overwhelming mountains, sparkling rivers, gurgling streams and a landscape unlike any other – Kaza needs to be seen to be believed. As you make your way from the city to this unknown land, you realise the disparity between urban living and simple life. And appreciate it. For miles and miles, you may not come across another human being but will certainly have sounds of nature to accompany you. Yes, Kaza is as poetic as travellers make it sound. The town is divided into parts and also serves as a pass to Ladakh. If you have visited Ladakh, the cultural similarities of both places will not surprise you. Though Kaza is not a typical holiday destination, it offers travellers much more. The base point for many treks, Kaza is where expert trekkers find solace. Do visit Tabo Monastery, which is considered to be one of the Buddhist centres in the Himalayas. The hotels here offer you basic but warm and well-maintained rooms with local meals that you just can't say no to! Reaching here isn't a problem either since buses from Manali run regularly, though the roads here are a little tricky! Perfect for adventure enthusiasts, Kaza is not everyone's cup of tea so if you are looking for a relaxed, no-hassle holiday, do think again!
Hima Jagadeesh
NAKO TO KAZA (3 hrs, 115 km approx)
Rosy Paul Chowdhury
The day started with a bright sunny welcome and from the hotel itself the view was serene and tranquil. Woke up around 8:00 AM but took a lazy start as we didn't have a hefty itinerary to cover. It was all about covering around 40 KM all total. Previous night we already realised that this place serves all kinds of foods we consume at home and also found one Bangali Cook! I am not a frequent Tea drinker but in mountains as you know ... equation changes! while sipping on the Tea my previous days headache was almost gone for the time-being (yes from the prolong travelling) and I was hoping for a day full of activities we had planned for a month now.
Rosy Paul Chowdhury
Kaza Township Exploration - After sending Postcards and catching my breath (yes the 2 mints walk was Breath breaking for me) we headed towards Kaza. Time to have Lunch and explore Kaza town.Kaza is a small township but as Sub-divisional Headquarters for Spiti Valley this holds loads of significance. Hence, one could find the best amenities and facilities here that are no where to be found in the entire Spiti Valley.Unfortunately, we couldn't explore the Spiti River delta but we gorged into the city to have Lunch @Kunzum and Spiti Restaurant (Do not miss the chocolate balls). We were tired in the evening so decided to skip the visit to "The Himalayan Cafe" hope we could have made it that night as the evening's cozy ambiance known to be quite entertaining and memorable.Note: In September Kaza Monastery hosts festivals which we missed. Sharing the link for an informative site I found for he Lahaul Spiti festivals.https://hubpages.com/holidays/Lahaul-Spiti-A-Land-of-Unique-Festivals
Ganesh Murthy
Pro tip 3: Once you cross Rohtang pass, there is no mobile network. Even in Kaza, which is 150km away, only BSNL network is available and it does not connect too easily.Day 4: Highest village in the world
Paromita Das
Chitkul is the last village in India before entering Tibet. Its an abode for natural beauty. Our hotel was right next to Baspa river and the sound of melting glaciers was soothing as well as haunting. It was majestic and everything was grand about this place. Was freezingly cold at night. Next morning, after having hot paranthas with melting butter and piping hot tea I was in no mood to travel. Just wanted to stay and absorb everything! I literally sat on the rocks on riverside and spent hours together. It was delight to the eyes and soul. Sitting next to the gushing Baspa, the song that stuck to my mind was "Socho ke jheelo ka shahar ho...lehron pe apna ek ghar ho"