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Lahaul And Spiti

This is a newly formed district which comprises of the two formerly separated districts of Lahaul and Spiti. The center of administration of this joint district is Keylong. Earlier on the administration center of lahaul was at Kardang and that of the Spiti Valley was at Dhankar. As you move from Lahaul to enter to the Spiti valley, the Kunzum La Pass is the entrance and the Rohtang Pass connects the Lahaul- Spiti District to the District of Manali. Talking about the vegetation, the two places are quite different from one another. The Spiti Valley is much more barren and rough compared to the Lahaul Valley. Here you will be able to see all lofty peaks with the Spiti river gushing out and then meeting with the Satluj River to drain into it. The main types of plants here are thorns and shrubs given the extremety in temperature. The main types of animals found here are yaks and mountain goats as well as sheep. The main activities you can enjoy here are trails, trekking, photography, skiing and yak safari. The main places of tourist attraction include the Buddhist monasteries of the Spiti Valley, The Tabo Monastery and the Kye Monastery. Buddhism and Hinduism are the main religions followed here and the people are mostly Indo- Aryans and Tibetians.
Lahaul and Spiti is a stunning example of a cold dry desert dominated by bare rocks, steep slopes and narrow river valleys. The valleys are dominated by the serrated peaks of the Greater Himalayas in the north which separate the district from Tibet in the north and Ladakh in the west, and Middle Himalayas in the south which separate the district from the rest of Himachal Pradesh.GLACIERS and RIVERS
13. Lahaul Spiti is the 2nd Least populous district out of 640 districts in India with a population of 31564, according to 2011 census.14. The 500+ years old Giu Mummy in the village of Spiti is supposedly, of a Buddhist lama. Discovered officially by ITBP forces that were working on a road in the region, it's believed to have hair and nails that are still growing!15. Spiti is considered one of the most fossil rich areas in the world by the Geological Survey of India and the Geological Society of America.16. Here is the direct map link for Spiti Valley: Spiti is surrounded by Tibet in the East, Ladakh in the North, Kullu and Lahaul in the South and Kinnaur in the South East18. Spiti Valley is scarcely inhabited with the majority of the population being Tibetans
Distt Lahul & Spiti:- Spiti Sub Division:- (1) Dhankar (2) Shichling (3) Poh (4) Tabo (5) Hurling (6) Lari (7) Gue (8) C.P. Samdo (9) Korik.
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The Himalayan desert is home to enchanting mountains, fascinating fairy-tales and some of the warmest people in the country.
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Next day to go from Demul to Komik, we undertook a Yak safari. (Those who don’t want to ride the yaks has the option of riding horses). It was a trek of 14 kms. Throughout the course of the journey, after every mountain or two, a landscape totally different from the previous one would unfold itself like the work of a magician. But then, is there a defter magician than Mother Nature herself?