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Lothal used to be an important city in during the time of the flourishing Indus Valley Civilization and was discovered in the year 1955. It Is known the to be the earliest port in the world and was an important trading centre for beads, gems and other stuff that was shipped to other countries in West Asia and Africa. During an excavation and entire dock was unearthed along with a town and its marketplace. Located next to this site is an Archeological Museum that is home to a number of artifacts from the Indus Valley period.
Lothal as it is, means Mound of Dead. This was a living town from 2500 - 1900 BC. This was a perfectly well planned town with all requirements of any modern town satisfied, like drainage, water supply, business area and lot more. Believe it or not! Lothal is considered more of a business and workplace while, another Indus civilization spot, Rangpur is considered the habitat. But there's one more place, which was several times bigger than Lothal and much more awesome. Coming back soon with it.