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The "Town of Roadside Restaurants", this is a small town between the Rohtang La and Manali. Buses and other cars and vehicles stop here so that tourists can have a hearty meal before they start again. There are a number of roadside restaurants here which sell nothing much but tasty paranthas and maggi which can even be customized according to your taste. From here you can move further towards more desolated roads.
On our way to MarhiThe place where we had breakfast offered both vegetarian and non vegetarian food .It was cold and to keep our body warm we definitely wanted a lot of food .My experience is the mountains with food when ever I had parathas was amazing and as soon as I saw Aloo paratha on the menu I was tempted rightaway .I decided to order Aloo paratha and also had Maggi and a cup of tea.After my breakfast I decided to stroll outside and explored a small stupa right in front of the cafe .
Pravesh Yadav
DAY 4- KOTHI TO MARHIAs I woke up the next morning I did not want to cycle but I did not not want to give up either and just walked with the cycle and just kept going. On the way met three amazing cyclists from Thailand who started from Manali and were heading to Marhi. The views were simply stunning and the ride all uphill and tortuous .
Ranjan Singh
After a tiring drive through treacherous road of Himalayas i was not in mood to drive further so we hired a local taxi and left early morning for Rohtang Pass through narrow and steep road with heavy traffic but unfortunately due to heavy snowfall the Pass was closed so we stopped at Bias Nala (River Bias),Marhi 20 kilometres away from Manali where we spent 2-3 hours enjoyed ice skating,sliding from the top and eating maggi in chilling winds.I haven’t told my brother about my plan yet (the Paragliding! at Solang).
Avantika Chaturvedi
After a short breakfast break at Marhi, I noticed the tree line on the mountains started to recede. The green slowly started giving way to brown and the asphalt turned soon into dust. Within no time I was in Spiti Valley, with naked mountains all around me. The road was no more a road, but a bed of rocks on which the buss carried on its bumpy ride. One moment we were right beside the river bank, and the next so far off from it that the bus was almost dangling off a cliff. And by 1 in the afternoon, I was in beautiful Batal.
Akriti Shukla
Manali-Marhi 11023 ft, 36 km- We were driven to Manali, cycles and all, early in the morning. From there we were to cycle about 36 km to Marhi- a continuous climb that took us from 6700 ft to 11000 ft. The ride, though strenuous, took us through some exquisite locations. The mountainside, which is thickly covered in vegetation- trees and shrubs alike, is a treat for any nature lover. As we climbed higher, human settlements became fewer and farther apart. The last one before Marhi, Gulaba, was about 20 km away. Marhi itself is just a cluster of dhabas and camping sites which acts as a comfortable stop over for road travelers. We camped at night under a clear sky where the stars were as clearly visible as the back of my hand.