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Rackcham is separated from the other villages of Chitkul and Batseri and happens to have its own dialect as well that is not understood anywhere else in the entire region. Houses here are built of wood and they look stunning and have an ‘old world’ charm. Rakcham lies to the right side of the Baspa River and is a place that offers one a number of wonderful picnic spots. One would definitely have to pay a visit to this place and cross the glacier before the month of July. Tall trees, meandering pathways and a serene atmosphere is what describes the village of Rakcham best.
Japleen Kaur
Sukhpal Singh
In morning I wake up early and got ready by 6:30 am and had some tea which my host offered me and started walking for Chitkul which was around 12 km from there. In morning the views were even more amazing.
kavya pant
Our next stop was a small Himalayan village gracefully settled by the banks of Baspa river. Rakkcham is a quite but serene village surrounded by snow capped peaks and the soothing sound of river Baspa.
Sudha Kumari
We were gorging on dinner as this was our most difficult run up until later of 14hrs, Few bad stretches of road and a long long journey. The food was yummy again and now we knew that days onwards will feed us well..We were hearing sound of gushing flowing water just nearby and it felt as if it was flowing just below us.... We never knew what the morning was to offer !!!! But nature always give positive surprises!!!Day 3: Rakcham-Chitkul-Rakcham-Sangla-Karcham-Reckong Peo-KalpaDistance: 76 KmsTravel time: 8 hrsThe morning in Rakcham was a pleasant one. There i discovered one more tendency of mine: I can wake up at 5:am to explore the beauty of landscape & the same doesn't apply when i return the city of my livelihoodRakcham: A village mostly not known and falls between Sangla (16kms) & Chitkul(10)kms. People travelling to this place generally stay in Sangla or Chitkul but not many stay in Rakcham. We also were not aware about this place much while planning . But idea of staying outskirts in such travels is much better than in commercial zones.
Badari Deshpande
Visit the beautiful Rakchham. This is a heaven on earth.