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Begum Bazaar

Anila Kopparapu
This bazaar, which is one of the biggest commercial markets in Hyderabad had its foundations laid during the rule of Quli Qutub Shah –nearly 400 years ago. The begum (a term Nizams used for wife) of Nizam Ali Khan gifted this to the traders back then and that’s how it has become the Begum Bazaar.The brass, steel and aluminium kitchenware are some of the most popular things that are sold here. Apart from that, there’s plenty of other things as well, such as clothes, jewellery, perfumes, seasonal festive-related things, décor, artworks and a lot more.
Jia Khan
The Begum of all bazaars is the Begum Bazaar Hyderabad. Shopping in Hyderabad, for all the tobacco takers, Begum Bazar is the place to be at. By far, this isn’t the only product sold here. As a matter of fact, Begum Bazar is renowned for the variety of items sold here. This includes household products and décor, kitchen essentials, cosmetics and daily use items, toiletries and perfumes, and the list is endless. This Hyderabad shopping hub has been in business for the past one hundred and fifty years (150). Gold, silver, exotic dry fruits and fresh fish are also sold here. This place is one of the largest commercial markets in Hyderabad and retailers from all across the country deal with products from here. You can very well imagine the awesome bargains that one will get here. This message goes out to all the shopaholics – get your shoes on, purse ready and head to Begum Bazar Hyderabad.Timings: The shops open at 10am and close at 11pm. The bazaar is closed on Sundays.