Birla Temple Road

Richa Monga
After an evening full of food food and food,we had a very good night sleep.Next day morning we woke up early and visited Birla Temple.It is beautiful Temple which is on top of a small hill and it is cleanly maintained.
Birla Temple is another must visit place while in Hyderabad. Located at a height and in the center of the city, it is an extremely beautiful and peaceful temple. The view from the top of the temple is magnificent.
Anirban Roy
Day 1: It was a late morning for us. After a delicious home lunch, we decided to leave for Birla Temple in the afternoon. Be it hospitals, science museums or temples, the Birla’s are ruling everywhere and it was no different in this part of the city as well. I am not a strict believer of idol worship, but the remarkable white marble architecture made me climb up the stairs. The top of the temple gives you a skyscraper view of the Hussain Sagar lake running close by the city road, bringing me memories of the Mandavi river in Panaji. You could feel the faith when you see the queues running inside to reach God Balaji. To me, the place was ideal for photography, had these cameras been allowed inside. Nevertheless, the visual pleasure of seeing the city basking in the cool winds was no less than worship to me.