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Golconda Fort

This was the capital of the Qutub Shahi dynasty and is also known as the Golla Konda Fort. It is a few kilometers from the Hussain Sagar Lake and is a huge and mighty fort till date to have been built on a hilltop. Originally known as Mankal, this was a palace built in the 12th Century in place of what was earlier a mud palace built by the king of Warangal. This was later fortified in the 14th and 17th centuries and the credit for this goes to the Bahmani Sultanate. One of the architectural marvels of Hyderabad, there are a numkber of gates out of which the most famous is the Fateh Darwaza which could be crossed by Aurangzeb once. This fort is on top of a granite hill and is itself also made of granite.
Sanket Das
GOLKONDA FORT, it got its name from GOL means ROUND and KONDA means HILL, and its a fort in southern india and was the capital of Qutb Shahi dynasty of Hyderabad.The place is also known for its world's famous gems like the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, the Hope Diamond,the Nassak Diamond and the Noor-ul-Ain Diamond
Richa Monga
After visiting Birla temple,we embarked towards Golconda Fort.One can definitely burn all the calories gained while gorging on hyderabadi delicacies by hiking to reach top of Golconda Fort. The Fort is beautiful. The only recommendation from my side if you are visiting this place on a sunny day is to carry a cap, sunglasses and to wear really comfortable footware like sports shoes else it is not easy to climb so many stairs to reach the top.
Husein Haveliwala
Karim S A
As the Sun starts peeping on your head,  take a luxury ride in an AC bus and go to the Golkonda. Have a bird's eye view of the rocky terrains in the surroundings. Indulge in some selfie session to show off your day to your family and friends. Update your status on whatsapp and Facebook.
Ananiah Blessing
Located in the region which is well known for the mines that have produced the world's most famous diamonds including The Kohinoor, Golconda Fort is listed as an archaeological treasure by the ASI. Built in 1143 AD and still one of the most magnificent forts across India, this fort still has mounted cannons, drawbridges, gateways, stables etc.The acoustics system built-in in the fort is amusing to everyone who visits now though it used to be an alarm system in those days. The sound of clapping at the entrance can be heard at the Bala Hissar (the highest point, almost a kilometer away).Entry to this fort is closed after 05:30 PM unless you're planning to see the Sound & Light Show which starts at 06:30 or 07:00 PM
Next destination was Golkunda Fort. Golconda Fort in Hyderabad is a majestic monument. Its approx 11 KM from City. However most of the parts are completely ruined but you can feel how beautiful it was before.Remarkable acoustic system, hot and cold water supply system, natural air conditioning and turkish baths, the remains of its once splendid palace and garden give an idea of its former grandeur and how well planned the fort was. Word of caution "carry lots of water and good pair of walking shoes" and explore this archeological treasure.Acoustic system - at the main gate there is one area where if you can clap, the sound can be hear top of the fort. That was the signal the king's army used to give message. You can hire a guide to roam around every nook and corner of the fort and to hear interesting stories.
mainak biswas
On the Third day, we visited the Golconda Fort and did some shopping too.
Jayati Sen
Golconda fort too has its own grandeur. Remarkable use of acoustics in the fort to communicate messages is the major attraction. If you clap in the portico (a spot just under the dome) of the main entrance of Bala Hissar, it can be heard clearly in the Bala Hissar pavilion on the top of the hill. Also, the exceptional engineering skill in lifting water by Persian wheels to the top of the hill through intricate pipelines and storage in overhead tanks is worth mentioning.Qutub Shahi dynasty were Persians by descent and because of which a strong Persian influence is seen throughout the fort. Large fountains, luxury baths are evidences of the luxurious lifestyle. Hard to believe, but separate outlets for hot and cold water were used in the bath tubs! A network of earthen pipes were used to supply water to the residents of the fort in different Mahals, gardens, fountains etc and even to the mortuary baths where the royals were given their last bath. This water was drawn from Durgam Cheruvu Lake, which was 5 km away from the fort. I wondered how the Royals planned such an efficient water supply system in an area of water scarcity! The water was used not only for daily work or agriculture but also to carry out the overall luxurious lifestyle, maintaining the gardens, operating fountains, baths etc. Qutub Shah rulers like many other benevolent kings, constructed many water tanks and lakes in Hyderabad, to name a few – the Satham Cheruvu, Ibrahipatnam Cheruvu, Nampally tank, Ma Saheba Tank, Hussain Sagar etc.The Fort is 400 ft high, has eight entrances and surrounded by 10 km long wall. We entered through the Fateh Darwaza. We got a guide book with a rough sketch map of the fort and some details. My teenage daughter, the most enthusiastic of us, took hold of the guide book and literally guided us through the fort.It’s her interest in historical places that brought us to Hyderabad ,I must say.
Abhishek Bhan
Take a walk through history at The Golconda Fort.Even though only ruins of the original majestic fort remain, it still has an idyllic charm that is capable of captivating travelers. Exploring the entire fort on foot will probably teach you more history than all your high school lessons. An interesting fact about India related to Golcoda Fort is that it once had a vault that stored the famed Koh-i-Noor diamond.
Sumit Sharma
Now feeling hungry? As Sun is at its peak and I’m slowly hiking down from Golconda. In the afternoon, went to Birla Mandir in the city. Birla Mandir, was built on a 280 feet high hillock called Naubath Pahad on 13 acres. The temple offers a blend of Dravidian and Rajasthani architectures. And you better not take any electronic items with as you might have to stand in long queues. It's 6 PM and I’m heading towards my hotel as It was long and hectic day Saturday. Day 1, was all about exploring the historical heritage of Golconda Fort and beautiful Birla Mandir. Had an amazing Veg Biryani with a friend in Paradise, Gachibowli.
Vandita Jadeja
Golconda Fort almost surprised me! I didn’t expect the fort to be so huge and carry such an amazing history. A few movies like Tere Naam have been shot in the fort. You make the choice to see the whole fort or only half of it. The whole fort takes upto 3 hours to see because of the number of steps that take you to the highest point of the Fort. (Wear shoes!) There lies a temple at the highest tip of the fort. Advice- Take a guide so you will be able to learn about the history of the fort because there is nothing that provides you the details of the same. You may walk up to the tip of the fort but will not know anything about the history of the same, also you may miss out on a few important areas that lie hidden in the fort. Hence, take the services of the guide and take a tour of the whole fort. A light and sound show is organized at the fort around 6 pm (timing varies according to season). If you have seen the fort, then you may skip the show but if you haven’t walked all through the fort, then this will help.
Abhinaba Chatterjee
Post lunch, head to the Qutub Shahi Tombs. The tombs are't very far from Tolichowki and an autorickshaw or OLA will take you there. This is a majestic place! Some of the tombs and the baoli are undergoing renovation. Look closely and you'll still manage to find the intricate stone work and carvings. Do visit the tiny museum; it provides a great perspective of how the architecture evolved and history associated with the place. From the Qutub Shahi Tombs head to the Golkonda Fort. Here again I advise you to take a professional guide. The fort is mostly in ruins, hence you won't appreciate the grandeur of the place unless you are shown around. Do climb to the top of the fort and you'll be greeted by a panoramic view of the city skyline. Stay back for the light and sound show. If you feel a trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without a visit to Paradise, the place famous for Hyderabadi Biriyani, do visit one.My personal recommendation will be to visit the Jewel of Nizam restaurant at the outskirts of the city. Do make a reservation for this place and also arrange for a car to take you and get you back from there. In case the Jewel of Nizam doesn't work out for you, then I suggest Kabul Darbar for some authentic Afghan fare. If you want vegetarian stuff, head to Chutneys or Bikanerwala.You can also plan Saturday a bit differently starting with Hussain Sagar. Follow it up with Salarjung, Lunch Break, Chowmahalla, Mecca Masjid and finally Charminar. This way you can also get to shop at Laad Bazaar and capture the Charminar at night. Whatever suits you!
Day 2: Places near Golconda FortTransport cost (Own Bike): Rs 100 (Petrol/Gas)Golconda Fort - Cost: Rs 60 (Entry tickets Rs and Street food Rs 45) | Time: 10 am to 5 PM (There is a an evening light show also)
Neha Chandok
Beautiful fort, overlooks the city, guided tour
Arindam Ghosh
The history of Deccan lies here and it comes alive every evening with the ghazals of Jagjit Singh and voice of Amitabh Bacchan during the light and sound show. Advice: Don't miss it.
Riyanka Roy
Deepak Shandilya
Identity of Nawabi Hyderabad, a must for every person visiting Hyderabad.
Gunjan Upreti
The architectural brilliance of ancient times is beautifully depicted in every part of this fort.
Vandita Jadeja
We started day 2 from Tolichowki again and reached Golconda fort. There is a cloak room and restaurants like Cafe Coffee Day near main entrance. Fort was first build by Kakatiya centuries ago and was extend by Nizams. Golconda was famous for diamond mines and served as fort for many dynasties who ruled Golconda until Nizams were asked to surrender by Indian Govt. There are stairs which will take you to the top of the fort and give you full view of the old and new Hyderabad. It is typical fort with three layers of security and eight gates. Golconda fort is famous for magical acoustic system. It is big fort with almost everything like cellar, darbar, stable, mosque, temples, tombs, secret tunnel, cannon posts, chambers, etc. and it is impossible to explore every nook and corner of Golconda fort in a day. May be Wikipedia page can help you learn more about Golconda fort or hire a guide. We left the Golconda fort for Qutub Shahi tomb which is located nearby.
Ankita Misra
This ruined fort is an architectural marvel in itself. Situated some 11 km outside of the main city of hyderabad, Golconda fort was built as a defense system against the southern front. The famous kohinoor diamond and the hope diamond are the important elements of this fort now almost into the ruins
Veeral Pathak
Golconda Fort is the most famous of all Hyderabad sightseeing places. The name of the fort has been derived from the Telugu words "Golla" and "Konda" which together means 'Shepard's Hill'. Founded in the approximately 12 th Century by the Kakatias Kings, this massive Golconda Fort with eight gates and 87 bastions was later built by Qutub Shahi Kings.