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Golconda Fort

This was the capital of the Qutub Shahi dynasty and is also known as the Golla Konda Fort. It is a few kilometers from the Hussain Sagar Lake and is a huge and mighty fort till date to have been built on a hilltop. Originally known as Mankal, this was a palace built in the 12th Century in place of what was earlier a mud palace built by the king of Warangal. This was later fortified in the 14th and 17th centuries and the credit for this goes to the Bahmani Sultanate. One of the architectural marvels of Hyderabad, there are a numkber of gates out of which the most famous is the Fateh Darwaza which could be crossed by Aurangzeb once. This fort is on top of a granite hill and is itself also made of granite.
Started with Golconda fort, which I was not aware to be our starting point for sightseeing, so completed all trekking in and around the fort in Heels only.
Golconda Fort was a capital of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, situated 11kms from the city of Hyderabad. The fort falls under the Archaeological Survey of India. The fort is divided into different areas such as durbar halls, temples, mosque, stables and gardens. The fort is spread across 11 kms where you go climbing steps or even walking up the ramp to reach the top of the fort. There are cannons also in the fort adding a hint of historical era. From the top of the fort, Qutb Shahi Tombs are visible. It is believed that there is a secret underground tunnel which leads from the "Durbar Hall" and ends in one of the palaces at the foot of the hill. The fort also contains the tombs of the Qutub Shahi kings. These tombs have Islamic architecture and are located about 1 km, north of the outer wall of Golconda. It is also believed that there was a secret tunnel to Charminar. Every evening there is a laser show conducted depicting the war scenes of the Qutb Shahi Era. The laser show is a must watch if you have few hours to spare.
Himani Sharma
Vandana Goenka
7) Golconda Fort : Golconda Fort is again an Old and heritage Fort of Hyderabad and its a great attraction for the whole day out.In the morning you can climb up to the fort and see the astonishing view of Hyderabad city and in the evening they have a sound and light show which gives you all the info about the History of this fabulous Fort.
Anila Kopparapu
The Nizams built this architectural marvel in the 1500s and today, it may not be protecting us from invasions but it continues to astound us with all its history and beauty. This fort is located within Hyderabad and in the outskirts so you can take a trip to the fort easily any time of the day. It is, in fact, one of the major tourist attractions of the city. While you are here, you should not miss out on some of these structures within the fort such as the Qutub Shahi Palace, Fateh Darwaza, Rani Mahal and Durbar Hall.