Golconda fort

3rd Dec 2018
Day 1

                    In Hyderabad Golconda fort had a special place. Initially when I thought about visiting there I thought it would be easy to reach top, but it is not that easy.
                     Because to completely cover every part of fort without missing a single place it will take nearly 3 to 4 hrs. And also I can say, you will never disappoint at even a single place, behind that you will feel more excited to see what is there still on top of fort. I personally experienced so many amazing things about this fort. Here the entry ticket is 50rs for indians and 200rs for foreigners, and if you have camera it will cost additional charges.
                       At the entrance you can see complete map of Golconda fort and also big strong walls of the fort. The entire fort is covered with this walls like a fencing. And also while entering into the fort if you clap under this roof  you can clearly hear that resound of you clap, that was an awesome experience. And after that you can see the top point from the entrance. Near at the starting there is a hotel also to have snacks, ice cream etc.. 
                         And if you move forward you can see different parts of the fort, there are many ways to reach top that is the point there you should observe while moving, if you move through one way you may miss the another way and also one more thing is that I personally experienced is while I am coming down from the top of the fort I came through one way which didn't have proper road and way between trees and to my surprise after sometime I reached to a dead end of the fort where there is no way, and again I walked through all that road and found another way and reached down. So be aware of all the ways.But that was crazy.
                             While going up you can also see many intersting facts about this fort and when you reach top you can see the entire Hyderabad from that top it is that much high. Actually at the top you can see big stones at different ends of the fort, by climbing those stones you can see different sides of the Hyderabad.
                               And this places remembers all historical moments and their pride. This fort was modified many times by different rulers. If you want to know every inch of that fort even guides are also available. Overall it is a place where you can enjoy with friends and family by spending some valuable time by getting knowledge of different things.
                               And finally this all my experience at Golconda fort and I hope you can have some idea after studying this. And I will see you next time until then peace.......... #22#

Photo of Golconda fort by Pavan
Photo of Golconda fort by Pavan
Photo of Golconda fort by Pavan
Photo of Golconda fort by Pavan