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Moazzam Jahi Market

Lakshmi KTP
Midnight Ice Cream at Mozamjahi Market
Sneha Vashist
After crazy shopping, it was time to head to Mozzam Jahi Market to relish handmade fruit ice creams at one of the oldest ice cream parlours in Hyderabad, the Famous Ice Cream. Around 60 years old, nothing fancy, table chairs laid out in open, one can relax in between the hustle bustle of the city and taste from varieties of available flavours like musk melon, chikoo, papaya, custard apple etc. Close by to this ice cream place is the very renowned Karachi bakery. I love bakery biscuits and this place is a must visit and a must buy kind. More than half the weight of by baggage was credited to Karachi bakery items.
Jia Khan
How about a market that packs in good deals and beautiful architecture from the Nizam period? Exciting right? It was the seventh Nizam who ruled the place, Mir Osman Ali Khan who had the market built during his reign through 1933-1935. Christened after his son, Mozzam Jah Bahadur, this granite structure started as a fruit market but later began to deal in ammunition as well.Today, dozens of stalls and shops line the market selling everything from fresh chicken and goat meat to fruits, vegetables, ittar – a local perfume and dry fruits. The famed Karachi Bakery is housed in this very market. You will find it a pleasure to get caught in the crowd shopping in Hyderabad while you sample the dry fruits, buy some ittar and enjoy every bit of the experience. This is yet another place that falls into the category of 6 cheap places for shopping in Hyderabad.Timings: 10am to 11.30pm.