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The Nizam's Museum

Ananiah Blessing
Located in Purani Haveli, the Nizam Museum is a showcase & a storehouse of all the gifts that the last Nizam of Hyderabad received on his silver jubilee celebrations.One prime attraction is a golden, wooden throne, which was used during the silver jubilee celebrations of the Last Nizam. Some other items on display are a diamond inlaid gold tiffin box, caskets, daggers studded with diamond & gold, a wooden writing box studded with gold, silver perfume bottles, a 1930 Rolls Royce, a Jaguar Mark 5 and a Packard. There's also a ~150 year old manually operated lift and ~200 year old proclamation drums!Another prime attraction is the wardrobe. The wardrobe, made of Burma Teak, is believed to be the largest in the world! With 124 almirahs with changing rooms in between, this section showcases recreations of the 19th-century dresses and garments on display. The Nizam wore each item of clothing only once before they were given or thrown away. If you see the sole of some shoes, you'll even be able to read the name of the manufacturer.
Arindam Ghosh
The residence turned museum of the Nizam is a collection of gold and silver. But what's more fascinating is the 176 feet long two level wardrobe. I just wonder if today somebody has a personal wardrobe of this size. The Nizam is said to have worn each costume only once and the officials here are trying to recollect them based on photographs to maintain authenticity.