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Sudipta Nandy
Then we headed to Arnarstapi
nidhi patnaik
Anarstapi is a small fishing village in Snaefellsness which was our next stop. We first looked for a place to eat as were quite hungry by now. A food truck was selling fish and chips which was more than enough to satisfy my taste buds.We are now all charged up to do the popular Anarstapi Hellnar trail which is around 6 kms. The walk along the coastline through steep cliffs and lava rocks was a beautiful experience. The sunny weather was an added bliss here.During the hike, we could view stunning sights of the cliffs and the surrounding glaciers. We reached Hellnar and spotted some seals near the beach. We went down and it was quite a sight to see and hear them playing and making noise.We returned back to Anarstapi and felt that it was a good hike, just that it was too long as we had to return through the same route.
Michele Herrmann
We also spend some time at Arnarstapi, another village that is mainly a summer resort. There are cottages here along with a harbor and seaside cliffs, and a large stone statue that is a monument of a Pagan figure, which “looks out” for this area.
Mandy Cheong
We went to Arnarstapi too, important trading post in the past. A walk along the coastline is recommended to watch the birds and the magnificent lava formations. The seaside and the cliffs between Arnastapi and Hellnar have been made a Natural Reserve in 1979. Spot Gatklettur Arch Rock which is a cliff with a circular arch.