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nidhi patnaik
Drive from Saudarkrokur till Grundarfjordur (West Iceland )It was still raining in the morning, so we had to cancel our plans of visiting a natural pool in Saudarkrokur.So, we left after having breakfast and bidding our host goodbye to drive further towards West Iceland to Grundarfjordur which was our next destination.The Gabrok crater on the way was a surprise as it was captivating enough to make us stop despite the rain. After stopping a few more off-road parking spots to admire some unique landscapes with red mountains and lava fields, we stopped at Stykkisholmur for lunch.The famous Game of Thrones shooting location at Kirkjufell mountain in Grundarfjordur was close to our airbnb accommodation.
We packed things and started towards snaefellsness, our next destination, after having complimentary breakfast at guest house kilijan. Drove in route 711. Iceland becomes less crowded and peaceful towards north and northwestern parts. We were enjoying it. The excitement and enthusiasm kept elevated everyday. We chose route 711 to try our luck to spot seals/ sea lions. Made our first stop at Farfuglaheimili hostel and cafe and had coffee (approx Rs 250) (it had a public restroom too for refreshing) It was windy and cold. There was a seal view point about 2 km from that cafe. We tried hiking to that place. And our luck worked out. We could see groups of seal. Went to hvistserkur, a famous view point - with dragon shaped rock formation. Had our packed lunch and proceeded towards seal beach. There also we had to hike a few km from the parking lot. Reached to spot and watched seals closer. There a viewing room equipped with binoculars!!!!! (Icelandddd!!!) . Restrooms here were maintained and run on people's money (donation by user). Lucky to spot these sea lions/ seals ! We dove to grundarfjodur and stayed at kirkjufell apartments !Kirkjufell apartment was big and beautiful. One of our favourite stays in Iceland. We can view kirkjufell mountain from there. Grundarfjordur was a small, quiet and colourful town!TIP:*take route 711 for seal/ sea lion view points.*need to hike about 2-3 km from the parking area to reach the seal area.