Karishma Shaikh
The first point of the day was Ólafsvík and we planned to move down south from there. It's supposed to be a 2 and a half hour ride from Reykjavik to here...but it took us 4! We kept stopping at every 10 minutes because we couldn't decide what to capture and what to let go of! On the way, I saw things that can't be speculated. From mountains right at the shore to crossing bridges with raging seas. From crossing the sea in an underwater bridge to the endless landscape of coarse elegance. From the snow covered mountains which were nebulous enough to hide, to innumerable head blind roads who would surprise us with splendid sceneries. I couldn't have asked for a better place to travel to. That's the allure of Iceland, it's found beauty in discrepancy and discontinuity. One can't expect what would be shown to next. The music, the terrible rain, and the view! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Wouldn't even change the rain!We reached Ólafsvík around 2 pm and decided to have lunch. It was a simple meal, just tuna, and bread with cheese but we had the view of a secluded waterfall. It was still raining outside and the rain just made me happier. Don't get me wrong; the rain was a nuisance but when looking through the window it gave the eerie feeling of home and happiness. The place we chose was so hidden and non-touristic that seeing another human there got us surprised. Remember this person. He was our unknown journey friend. I don't know who he was, what's his name or anything, but all I know is that he had a duster and we were on the same journey!Like I said it was raining insanely that day, so almost all the tours to this place were canceled and there were very few people wacky enough to get out today! And I guess we've all established that fact that I am indeed crazy.