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Haritri Goswami
Started the day with again another flight from labuan bajo to Ende. We had two days one night package to Kelimutur. From Ende airport it took 45min to blue stone beach. It has blue coloured stone scattered on the beach. The stones looked beautiful but the beach looked a very ordinary beach to me. From bluestone beach 2:30 hrs scenic drive to Moni village. Its a small village and places to stay are limited also. This is mainly a place to stay at the foothill of mount Kelimutu. Ende is a very small airport. After all passengers of our flight left they closed the airport gates . I think they only keep the departure and arrival open when a flight is landing or leaving . Moni village is beautiful , green and full of natural resources. So many types of fruits , flowers and so many shades of green. We visited a waterfall and a hot spring in the middle of a paddy field. Stayed overnight in a small hotel.