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Komodo Island

Day 01: Labuan Bajo – Komodo islandUpon our arrival on Komodo airport we were welcomed by our local guide then transfered to harbor for Komodo Island.At Komodo We started our trekking, walking through along the forest to see the Komodo dragon.A local ranger lead us to enter this nature preservation. While there were no guaranteed sightings but there are usually some Komodo dragons hanging out by the buildings near the entrance, so be ready for a quick selfie with a local lizard.The trekking itself was fun and it was not much tiring.After climbing to the top you will experience a panoramic view of the incredible natural beauty of Komodo National Park. Don’t forget lots of sunscreen and a hat — it’s a hot and sunny adventure to the top.After the hike, We headed back to our boat to start our journey in the middle of sea.In night, we stayed on boat and it was a mesmerising experience away from city lights .The night was very peacefull, in fact I had no idea when did I fall asleep feeling the cool breeze and stargazing.
We started very early, at 5 am. First, we went to Komodo, where we were extremely lucky to see five huge dragons inside the park. We’ve also seen many other animals.On the way back we stopped near the Pink Beach (the beach belongs to Komodo Island), where we snorkeled over the beautiful coral reef.From the Pink Beach, we went to Rinca Island. It is located closer to Flores, so many more tourists come here than to Komodo island.
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3. The Volcanic lakes of Kelimutu
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Where are the Komodo Islands?The Komodo Islands are a group of islands in Indonesia that are home to some of the most interesting flora, fauna and marine life. From little hillocks girdled by the sea to beautiful blue waters stretching as far as the eye can see, these islands are a must visit if you’re planning a trip to Indonesia.Why should you travel to the Komodo Islands?
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Dragon, a mythical creature or an actual animal? Well, Komodo National Park answers this question as it is the home to the Komodo Dragon. Located in eastern Indonesia, this part of the national park is like an untamed jungle with the dragon ruling over it. Apart from being home to the Komodo dragon, this national park is also known as a paradise amongst nature lovers with numerous mountains to climb, and amazing diving sites around the stunning coral reefs.Best Time To Visit: April to DecemberHow To Reach: Fly to Bali (Rs. 15,000) and from Bali take a flight to Labuan Bajo (Rs. 5,000). From there you can charter a boat for a private tour of Komodo island. The charter boat will take you to all the diving sites as well.Things To Do: The most important and obvious thing to do here would be to see the Komodo dragon; other than that scuba-diving at Batu Balong Reef is a popular activity to see turtles, eels, lion fish and much more. Adventurous travellers can trek the Islands Hills and the Kelimutu Volcano.