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Mayank Goyal
If you ever happen to visit Spiti, You have got to spend a night here! The night sky is the most amazing i have ever seen! its a small verical village like on both side of the road and thats it. There is an old Tabo manastery which you have to visit! Have a yummy english breakfast at any of the small cafes in the Tabo market.
Kavya Jain
Home stayed near Monastery
Dnyaneshree Manjure
Kaushal Meena
almost 4 hours drive from nako, you starting to hear calling from your stomach and It doesn't let you concentrate on the amazing beauty in front of your eyes. You starting to look for a place to eat but it doesn't help. You starting to feel that you are the only one left on this earth; Almost like an apocalypse. Then suddenly when you are enjoying world of your own, A village appears out of the blue named as tago village. It is one of the oldest monasteries. The architecture is eye catching and interior is as calm as a beautiful lake at dawn.