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I had a marvelous week here in Banksis and enjoyed my everyday 10-minute walk down to the private beach where I could rest and boost my energy after such a long journey. I also visited the ancient ruins of Ephesus (Efes) which is very near this place.Summing UpSo, till the end of my journey I have earned money traveling and pay off my debt. Of course, I used not only borrowed money, but it was a good financial support in other country. I can say, that I earned there almost 50% from my costs and I am really happy. It is a land of opportunity.All in all, I can recommend everybody who wants to have a great vacation and experience a new culture to come to Turkey and explore it by car. It certainly differs from the package holiday but gives you more freedom to discover new places and meet locals.
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It was an early start in the morning as i wanted to avoid the crowds . So i reached the Ephesus archaeological site by dolmus at 8.30 AM and the crowds were yet to arrive and i tried to make the most of it.Ephesus is an ancient Greek city dating back to 356 BC . It is hosts grand monuments of the Roman Imperial period including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre.
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Opt for a Ephesus Guided Tour. After meeting your guide drive through the fertile lands. Your first stop will be the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Home to both Greeks and Romans, the grand temple was destroyed and rebuilt many times over the course of its long history. The Antipater of Sidon, who compiled and visited all the seven wonders, said the temple was more marvelous than any of the other six wonders.
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Afterwards you will visit the Isa bey Mosque. It is one of the best and important example which reflects the end of the Seljuk Empire period in late 14 C A.D. In addition, this mosque bears the imprint of Umayyad mosque in Damascus in which is one of the Islamic centers for scientists and scholars. The marble and tiles here make almost a visual feast those who want to visit. It is located in Selçuk down town and it is easy to reach. It is between the ruins of Artemis temple and basilica of St. John the evangelist. It is on the right hand side from Izmir road and next to the St. John basilica.