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Legend has it that when Lord Shiva was on his way to Amarnath cave, he renounced all his valuable possessions, including his countless snakes. Thus the name Anantnag. The breathtaking valley prospers in Kashmir, thereby keeping up with the beauty the state takes pride in. Anantnag, connected to three tehsils – Gool Gulab Garh, Doda and Budhal, is a big economy hub for Kashmir. Referred to as Islamabad by the Kashmiris, the awe-inspiring valley is getting an increasing number of travelers from all parts of the world. Orchards running to the horizon, distant snow-capped hills, a cerulean-blue stream flowing effortlessly and intoxicating winds come together as an ideal vacation away from the toxicity of a metropolis.
Aastha Maheshwari
Anantnag is a small yet beautiful city in Kashmir offering varied views and off beat places to visit. Anantnag district is one of the oldest urban developments of the state and also the main trading center of Jammu and Kashmir. Namdah, handicrafts, Gabbah carpet and shawl weaving are some of the arts Anantnag is famous for.
Indrarup Saha
Anantnag (the gateway to Kashmir valley)