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There is so much in Kashmir that still hasn't been explored and one such lesser known heaven is Baltal Valley. Serving as a base camp for pilgrims making their way to Amarnath, the valley is renowned for its panoramic and spectacular beauty. Nestling along the banks of Sindh river, the valley rests on the foot of Zoji La pass. The valley has a beautiful landscape made of the rushing water from Sindh, silver mountain peaks and green pastures. Baltal valley is a paradise for people looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation. Frequent trekking and camping are an attribute of Baltal Valley owing to the surging hilly terrains and its secluded location. Several treks are organised to this valley from Pahalgam and other parts of Kashmir.
Vikram Mn
Andal had walked their first. Rest of us wasted some time at army camp. Prasanna and I reached next. Remaining three reached the last. Usual Culprits wanted to go to Sonamarg so that they can have a good night's sleep and more importantly, take bath. That was a valid point but as I had not planned I wasn't in a mood for it. Plus all the hotels were costly. But more importantly there were restrictions to go from the camp. So after trying for some time we stayed in the camp for 500 per tent.I was immensely satisfied to have completed the trek but there was no joy, thanks to the events on that day morning plus touts plus police.
abhishek mittal
After taking the taxi we're leave for Jammu which was approx.450 km from Baltal, i don't remember exactly. We reached there at 11 Pm and took a room in the hotel and lying on the bed because of tiredness.
abhishek mittal
In the early morning we got up at 4 Am and go for fresh and took breakfast. As soon as possible we leave the tent for start the Yatra. After checking the Yatra permit by security persons we're commenced the Yatra and after 10 minutes of yatra the persons who met us in the tent suddenly in front of us and said come with us & we'll take you to the Amarnath cave. I don't believe that Lord Shiv sent them for us because we didn't have any experience about yatra. I never forgot that persons. Now they are very good friend of my family. Most important thing is they were took my sister with them till last. There was too much scenic beauty on the way like glaciers, snow capped mountains, frozen rivers, ice bridge, waterfall etc. We're walk on the way by chanting Om Namah Shivaya and took many photos. We can't trust on weather there because nobody's know when there was raining or snowfall or chilly waves. It's a 14 Km long track to the cave & we reached nearby the cave at 6 Pm and there we took a tent for overnight stay. That was our first experience how to sleep on snow which was converting into ice. We're totally tired and fall on the mattresses in the tent.
abhishek mittal
In the early morning we're leave for Baltal. Baltal was approx.110 km away from Srinagar. There was a natural scenic beauty on the way to Baltal. On the way we took tea and left for Baltal. When we entered in the Sonmarg we saw the snow capped mountains. We're late so that's why didn't stop our car in mid of the way. After crossing Sonmarg we entered in the Baltal and what i'd saw there was long que of cars and buses for checking. The soldiers checked each & every lugguage of each & every vehicle. It was took more than 4 hrs to cross it and the time to start the Amarnath Yatra is 5Am -11Am after that nobody can't start the Yatra. So we're late for it . After entering Baltal we found a tent for overnight stay because there was too much cold. The tent persons was also very nice and co-operative and provide space for stay. In the evening we took tea and here Lord Shiv sent some good peoples for helping us because they took Amarnath Yatra every year but on that time we don't know that they will meet us when we start Yatra. They were from Meerut. After took tea and some snacks we're sit in the Kirtan which was amazing. After that we took dinner and go for sleep but the sleep didn't come in our eyes because of too much cold and fear for how to start the yatra & spent the full night with fellow devotees in the night with talking.
Khushnum Y Mistry
Baltal ValleyA close by excursion is to Baltal, 15 km East of Sonamarg. This little valley lies at the foot of the Zojila. Sonamarg is a silent reminder to mankind that God is the best architect, and the most skilled painter and colour co-ordinator we will ever know.Places to Stay If you are visiting during tourist season, it is advisable to book the hotel in advance (especially if you want to get a cheaper deal). The approximate price is between Rs. 1000 to 7000 per night.Day Trip Pricing Big Car: Rs. 3200/-Small Car: Rs. 2800/-