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Barren with a hint of greenery, the Hunder village is as mesmerising as the other places in Ladakh. Situated 160 km from Leh, in Nubra Valley, reaching Hunder is a little difficult for those who don't like mountainous roads. To reach Hunder, one has to cross Khardungla (which is considered to be the highest motorable pass in the world) and it's almost a 5 to 6 hour journey since the roads are a little tricky. The village itself has many homestays and resorts and it's very wise to spend a few days amidst the breathtaking beauty and serenity this small village has to offer. One of the major attractions of Hunder are the Bactrian (double-humped) camels, mostly spotted calmly grazing amidst the boundless sand dunes in the area! Thought the area around the village is quiet and isolated, the village itself is full of life and cheerful people. Do visit the Hundur Gompa, a Buddhist monastery located close to the Diskit monastery and one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh.
Rohith T V
Hundar is small town in Nubra Valley just 5 kms away from Diskit. While Diskit is a religious place Hundar is an adventure or chilling one due to various activities available there. The famous cold desert and sand dunes lie between Diskit and Hundar. You will see many resorts, tents and homestays available in Hundar. People planning to visit Turtuk also stay in Hundar for the night.
About 10km west of Diskit stands Hunder village. Camels can often be seen grazing on the dune-like landscape between the foot of the mountains and the braided Shyok River. It’s a pretty village, ideal for ambling, with a small roadside monastery known as Chamba. Opposite the gompa, a long mani wall indicates part of a traditional pilgrims’ route orbiting several other shrines set high in the cliffs. You can follow a lovely trail clockwise up into the hills ‒ it might look implausible but is straightforward, though you’ll need a head for heights ‒ which skirts another medieval watchtower and more terrific views.A recently opened stretch of the Shyok Valley which descends gradually towards Pakistan is now drawing more travellers. From Diskit or Hunder the approximately 90km journey to Turtok makes a fine day-trip. It’s a gorgeous drive, the generally well-metalled road shadowing the spectacular river valley for much of the way with occasional detours through great boulder fields. And wild though it is, several scattered villages reveal a clear transformation from the mainly Buddhist Nubran heartland around Diskit to an overwhelmingly Muslim culture towards Turtok.An elderly monk pauses in the modest prayer hall of Chamba Monastery in Hunder village in the Shyok River valley. Locals here speak Balti just as their neighbours do in the adjoining Pakistani region known as Baltistan. Several villages stand high above the main road and Turtok is among the largest and prettiest. Famed for its apricots, you might easily spend a few hours strolling through the village and across its fields to a tiny and still-maintained little gompa perched on a low ridge. There are a handful of simple guesthouses catering to its embryonic tourism; it’s a friendly but conservative place so visitors really should tread sensitively.
Kanika Justa
After finishing off our rides the next stop was the Diskit Monastery. It was only few minutes away from the camel ride point but the road to this monastery is so picturesque ! Diskit Monastery is one of the oldest & the largest Buddhist monastery in Nubra. The highlight of this monastery is the 32 metre statue of Maitreya Buddha near Diskit Monastery facing down the Shyok River towards Pakistan.
Sourav Chaudhuri
The sand dunes of Nubra are not my favourite, but then its very subjective. What I did love was the amazing two humped camel, thats indigenous to this territory. The place is ideal for photography and some amazing reflections and scenes can be captured.
Kanika Justa
After the lunch we drove for another 30 minutes and reached Hunder. This place is famous for the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag spot where you can see Farhan Akhtar training for the games in the movie. This place is also famous for its ATV rides. We spent good 40-50 minutes waiting for our turn since there are just 3 ATV bikes available here.This was my first time on an ATV and boy did I enjoy !! I tried to operate the bike but the handles were too tight for me. So, I let the boy take control. And let me tell you the one pillion riding enjoys more. They take you over the sand dunes, stop by on a river side and click your pictures. Amazing experience !Overall this was a fun experience and I would highly recommend this place.Cost: INR 500 per person