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Yurutse is a tiny village that lies on the trek to Martha Valley. Known for having only one house, where trekkers stay overnight before moving on to Skiu, Yurutse also offers brilliant views of the surrounding mountains as well as animals such as Tibetan gazelles and blue sheep. Yurutse can be reached by trekking from Zingchen, which is approximately an hour from Leh by road.
Manojit Rakshit
You reach Yurutse at the end of first day and camp for the night. If you do not feel like pitching your own tent, there are a lot of tent accommodations who will take you in for the night, and cost really less. The trip to Yurutse passes through Zingchan village, which is the last motorable point on this route. After Zingchen you will not find jeeps overtaking you, leaving behind an irritating burst of dirt.