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Located in the Kargil district of Kashmir, Zanskar is a high altitude semi desert. Located close to the Greater Himalayan mountain range, Zanskar is shielded from most of the monsoon, resulting in warm and dry summers. Parts of the Zanskar region are considered to be some of the coldest and continually inhabitable places in the world. Famous for river rafting, paragliding and trekking, Zanskar is a favourite among adventure junkies. Home to a large number of Tibetan Buddhists, Zanskar is filled with monasteries, the most famous among them being the Stongdey monastery. Due to its location and extreme weather conditions, Zanskar remains accessible only between April and August. Zanskar can be reached from Leh, which is 105 km away. There are regular buses and cabs that go from Leh to Zanskar. The nearest international airport is in Delhi.
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DAY4 - DAY8: Leh to Shingra Koma via Chilling (day4) Shingra Koma to Tibb Cave (day5) Tibb Cave to Naerak ( day6) Naerak to Tibb Cave ( day7) Tibb Cave to shingra Koma and drive back to Leh ( day8)
5. Meet the riversGo and meet where the 2 rivers – Indus & Zanskar meet. The summers are the best time to experience the meeting of the two rivers as the Zanskar River freezes during the winters and it is the only way to cross and go to the other side.6. Control the photographer in you, and bird-watch!
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24 Hour! \m/FYI: Don't go for Ghatsal Tours, they are pretty unprofessional about the pick and drop timings and almost forget to pick you up after you have made the payment. We had to wait for 1.5 hours for them to send someone so that we can go back to the hotel
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Another amazing thing that was witnessed in Ladakh was the confluence of Indus and Zanskar river. Indus being green and zanskar muddy. Look at the nature's magic here, though they meet, but both the rivers maintains their individuality, just like ideal partners, who blend yet remain with their individual self. The rocks and mountains that guide these rivers are just superbly beautifully carved and shaped. Each mountain speaking volumes and singing in chorus :) . You can listen to all with the blend of the music which the flow of the river creates.I had one of the best experiences of my life in Zanskar River. I always wanted to experience rafting. Truth is that the kids with us were excited to do rafting and for them we reached the spot. But in the conversation and discussion, I happened to join the group. It was a random decision. Why I am emphasizing on this is because while this was decided and the amount was paid to do the adventure and I got dressed in rafting clothes, I was bit scared inside my heart since I had never done rafting before and I was excited at the same time. While we drove from the booking point to the rafting point the road, the view , the cuts and the curves of the mountains were no less than a historical monument, which was shining even after ages. The sound of the river was dwelling enough to question myself, if I was really ready to do rafting... !!! But I decided to do this and be brave. That day all of us would have listened to the instructions of the rafting guide very very carefully, since everyone in my raft was going to do this for the first time :D. We took risk, we played like a team, we were strangers yet we got to be united, we smiled, we laughed, we floated with the flow, we pushed and played with the river, we hit the rock and yet went smoothly with the flow, we faced rapid, we went down, we held up, we rafted with fun.Watch out the video to enjoy the rafting experience-Look at the India Gate of Zanskar River -
Have you ever walked on a frozen river? The Chadar trek on the Zanskar River is the most fascinating of all the treks in Leh. Every year when the river freezes, the route is open to adventurous trekkers for a couple of months. It's certainly a physically and mentally challenging trek and can range from 6-20 days depending upon your proficiency level. The frozen river resembles a blanket of snow and hence the name 'chadar' trek. You drive from Leh to Chilling, 64 kilometres away, which is the starting point of the trek. Walking on the snow and ice might be a bit tricky at the beginning, especially since you may encounter different types of surfaces - fresh, powdery snow or old and hard ice. Even though most of the trek is on the frozen riverbed, there are points where you will be scaling icy rocks. Apart from the rising peaks, you will also see some frozen waterfalls, monasteries such as Lingshed Gompa and Karsha Gompa (the largest in Zanskar), even a fort at Zangla village. The day-time temperature usually ranges between -5 and -10 C and at nights it can plunge down to -25 C. Hence it's important to carry enough warm jackets (wind and rain proof) and clothes.This post was originally published on My Heart On The Road.