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Kawah Putih

Sushmita Mallick
Kawah Putih [English : White Crater], a tourist spot in south of Bandung (West Java, Indonesia), is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha. This crater lake itself represents a relatively stable volcanic system which has no records of significant volcanic eruption since around 1600.Let’s know the PlaceThis crater is situated at 2430 meters above sea level and is 181 Kms driving distance away from the capital city, Jakarta. If you decide to go here after staying a few days in cacophony of Jakarta, definitely you are going to feel the sudden change in background as soon as you leave the city. There is a sudden drop in temperature, suddenly the backdrop is lush green..!! However, as you are about to reach the crater this freshness of air will again go away – be ready to experience the foul smell of Sulfur even before hitting the crater.“The lake is said to have been first documented in 1837 by Dr Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, a German botanist,” Indonesia’s official tourism site narrates. “At the time, there were various local stories about the history of the area. Birds were said to avoid flying near the region and some were even found dead after flying above the lake…. These stories prompted Dr Junghuhn to investigate, and so discovered Kawah Putih. He concluded that the birds flying over the Crater Lake died due to its high concentration of sulfur.”
Himani Khatreja
Get mesmerised by the turquoise volcanic crater lake of Kawah Putih
Kawah Putih is a volcanic crater with its beautiful blue water coupled with a sulphur smell. It was a beautiful sight especially when there was a white mist in the back drop. But please take note not to stay too long there as the sulphur smell is really strong and it gets stronger if you walk closer to the crater lake.
Shabrina Koeswologito