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Alun-Alun Tegal

Shabrina Koeswologito
Next journey was to see the edelweiss flower. I knew about this flower just from one of my favorite childhood movie, “The Sound of Music”. Eager to see and touch the real flower, our group started walking to Tegal Alun. The track was quite difficult. There were many steep steps, Finally, after almost a 1.5hour journey, we arrived at a 80 hectare land filled with Edelweiss flower. Our group leader warned us not to bring the flowers home because it’s declared as a cultural heritage. So, the best thing to do besides exploring the area is taking pictures. Taking 10 to 20 pictures was not enough. Every corner, every flower we saw had unique details. I eventually got tired of taking pictures, and decided to sit on the ground and think about my journey. This was my first time hiking. It was the kind of hikes for which one had to be fully prepared. No basic facility such as tap water or toilet, no prepared food, and no access of heat or fire all of which made me feel very grateful to live in Jakarta despite how messy and chaotic it can be due to the traffic. The opportunity to meet people that are outside of my friend’s circle was very interesting. Listening to their stories and grasping their way of thinking about life was one of the most important experiences I had. Our group stayed in Tegal Alun for 1.5 hours. Before deciding to go back to our camp, our team leader took out a folded cloth from his pants pocket. Turns out it is Indonesian flag. He tied the flag to a long branch and then we gathered to take our group picture. Happy from the different poses we did for the pictures, then we decided to head back to the campsite. As I walked slowly, I decided to look at the whole area of Tegal Alun for the last time. At that exact moment, it struck me how I have never done something so great before.