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Mount Merapi

7. Mt. Merapi / Mt. Bromo hikingIndonesia is home to quite a number of volcanoes, and there are so many tour companies that organise sunrise hikes. These hikes usually start around 1 am.There are two ways to do this. You could ask your hostel to arrange a car, form a group with 5 of you, so costs are eased up, and head over.Or you could do it by yourself.I wanted to go hiking, but I'm still nursing a bruised knee and an injured back, so I had to give it a miss, but I found some great information here -Mt. Merapi - Bromo - aside a full day of your 3 days in Yogyakarta just for this. Since it's an early start, you'll want to take the rest of the day to recover and catch some sleep.Let me know if you do it.8. Batik artYogyakarta is so famous for batik, and a walk down any of its lanes will surround you in a swirl of colour. I visited a local store where they showed me how they created fabrics and paintings. A tour of this is included with the guided Kraton tour on Wednesdays, and you can try your hand at painting too!You can pick up a piece or two for home, or something wearable, like a scarf or a dress, if that catches your fancy. It's really beautiful.9. Chicken Church - Gereja AyamIt is said the architect of this building, Daniel Alamsjah, received a message from God to build a house of worship that would welcome one and all. This building is located on Rhema Hill and requires some climbing to get to. Yes, it resembles a large chicken, but it was originally designed as a dove. There are prayer rooms located under the building where you can take some time to pray, or simply meditate. You can also write a wish on a post-it note and stick it on one of the walls. I red some of the wishes there, and I only prayed those wishes came true.The entry ticket includes a free snack, which is some sort of deep-fried sweet potato / taro - so oily, but super delicious.Where to EatI had only 3 days in Yogyakarta, and since there were day trips involved, lunch was usually had on the go, or breakfast was packed and taken along. That left me with evenings to explore the streets and sample the local cuisine, which I fell in love with instantly.1. Malioboro for the Street FoodThis was paradise for me. Insane number of dishes to try, at ridiculously low prices, so I could have stuffed my face all day and still not worried about the budget. Satays, gudeg, nasi everything, sweets, toffees, and a whole lot of variety, all served by smiling locals who won't understand a word of English but will happily serve you the best of their food. It's a happy-place.
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Since we finished touring the temple by 7.30am, we headed next to Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi, Borobudur, and Jogja City are equidistant from each other, so if you're visiting Borobudur, you can do Mount Merapi in the same day. Hikers aren't allowed on Mount Merapi since the eruption in 2010 that covered the whole city in ash. But you can tour the base of Mount Merapi in a jeep.
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“If at some point you don’t ask yourself, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ then you’re not doing it right.”You have to be ignorant, foolish or extremely adventurous to climb one of the deadliest volcanoes in the world. I’d like to think I am the latter.Standing at a height of 2,930 meters, the aptly named Mountain of Fire is classified as one of the 16 decade volcanoes of the world (Read: most dangerous). One of its deadliest eruptions was in 2010 which claimed more than 350 lives and destroyed all the nearby villages. That being said, conquering the summit of this volcano is often on the bucket list of adventure travelers across the globe.
In the foothills of Mount Merapi. This site was filled with lava which erupted from Mount Merapi in the year 2010. The temperature was 800 degree Celcius then, lasting for 10 days. Almost everything at this place got twisted.