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Cindy Roberts
Walking to Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) 용두암 we discovered a Confucion Shrine -Jeju Hyanggyo 제주향교 – which has the purpose of educating the local people, while we were there, students were busy studying. As well as on our way home we found a Buddhist Temple, which name we could find. Yongduam Rock (Dragon Head Rock) 용두암 – there are plenty of other stories of how it came to be. One legend has it that a dragon stealing precious jade from Mt. Hallasan was shot down by an arrow from the mountain deity. When he fell down on Yongduam, his body immediately sank into the ocean and his head rapidly froze looking at the sky. Another legend has it that a white horse, who dreamed of being a dragon and ascending to the sky, came to be caught by a soldier and froze into the rock.