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Indian/foreigner: audio guide ?/60/400, camera/video ?100/250, human guide ?225
September - May
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Mehrangarh Fort stands on a rocky hilltop which is about 120 m from the ground. The fort is one of the most magnificent and biggest ones in the Indian sub-continent. Battlements of the fort is around 6m to about 36m in height. The fort is still maintained and run by a royal family of Jodhpur. The legend as well as history of the fort is not only interesting but enriched with battles, wars and more. The main entrance of the fort is from the northeast side and is called Jai Pol. There is a museum inside the fort that retains the antiques from the royal families as well as from the battles. The entry to the fort is free but there is a charge for the museum. You will have to walk around 300 m to reach the main entrance or take an autorickshaw for the same. Dodh Kangra Pol is the exit gate of the fort. There are other gates called Loha Pol and Suraj Pol as well.
Debjani Paul
9 AM- EXPLORE MEHRANGARH FORTFounded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, this fort is the most glorious one in Jodhpur as well as in Rajasthan. It is very well maintained and takes a minimum of 2 hrs to explore this massive structure. Do hire a guide to know all the historical anecdotes and architectural details of the fort. The walk to reach the entry gate of the fort is quite a steep hike. So be prepared with a pair of comfortable shoes and a headgear to tae shelter from the scorching mid-day Sun!Opening Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Shashank Sinha
2) Mehrangarh Fort:Does this fort even need introduction? Cannons on the roof, featured in hollywood flicks like Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, the fort's architecture is second to none.
Priya Parashar
We reached Jodhpur in morning from Mumbai by train and had a full day to explore the city. By chance, we came to know about retiring room facility on the station itself and we got one of their AC rooms. They were running full which was quite a surprise for me. The rooms were decent. We freshened up and left. Outside the station, there were zillions of auto rickshaw drivers who were offering us deals to cover all the important places of the city. (Bring up your negotiation skills). We booked one (Rs. 1200, a bit extra as Mandore Gardens is bit far) and started with Mehrangarh Fort. Though later I found that lanes in Jodhpur are particularly narrow and hence are best navigated by auto-rickshaws.
shruti shetty
Reached the fort in half n hr and the view was just so astonishing to see. We can see the whole Jodhpur city from the top. The place was so well maintained till date, by seeing that it feels so good that our historic monuments so well taken care of. The Mehrangarh Museum is the place were we can actually feel the history. The Daulat Khana, cannons, The Turban Gallery, paintings, the war related things, the coins, Armoury (different types of swords) and many will live the history over here. Our site seeing continued with the local market down the streets. The best collection of antiques can be found there, the royalties can be seen in some shops.
Tanvi S
After breakfast, we checked out and dumped our bags in car and left for majestic Mehrangarh Fort! Oh boy, what an enormous fort it was. So huge, so strong, so mighty! We took an audio tour guide. Audio tour guides are best thing to happen when you are in historical place. It gives you all minutest details which a guide would usually forget. It also shares you stories and everything related to that section of fort. This fort would take your 4-5 hours. We had planned to visit another fort which was just nearby but since we were tired with so much walking, we just skipped one more fort and instead we left for Bijolai. Yes, our night stay was booked in Bijolai Palace. Its a palace turned into resort. We booked it though MMT again and this was wonderful place with its own lake!
Sonal Verma
From our room we could see the "Mehrangarh", the magnificient fort. It seemed so powerful like a big giant standing in the city to protect it from invaders.
Abhishek Bhan
Let the magnificence of Rajput heritage waft over you at Mehrangarh Fort.If Christopher Nolan thinks the place is good enough for him to visit, it should be good enough for you too. Rajasthan contains the motherload of the monuments and history that make up some of the most interesting facts about the cultural history of India.
Nihar Shah
Next day morning we went to this fort which is huge ,young and almost in its original condition with huge musuems in it.
Akanksha Shah
Mehrangarh fort is one of the exquisite yet underrated forts in India.Standing with aplomb on a plateau, overlooking the Blue city of Jodhpur, this majestic fort turned museum houses several period rooms, galleries and sprawling courtyards. Its intricate carvings are the perfect example of beautiful Rajasthani architecture.This is a must go place if you are interested in royal lifestyle of Indian kings & queens, their rich histories & stories of power, valor, victory & sacrifice. Don't forget to take an audio guide or a professional guide to get answers of all your queries.On your way back enjoy an expansive view of the blue city from the fort and wander into it's narrow alleys to have an up-close experience of Jodhpur.
Watch the sun sink behind the blue city from the vantage of the hills around the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. Among Rajasthan tourism's most spoken about attractions.
Natasha George
"Travel brings Love and Power back to your life" ~ Rumi<br /><br />It all began one weekend, when all of us were fed up of the regular office politics and workload. One of my friends was serving her notice period and wanted a trip desperately. Since all of us were a ardent mountain lovers, we zeroed in a place in Uttrakhand. <br />Everything was set. Our bags were packed and buses booked. Our excitement level was at it it's highest peak. <br /><br />*Seven hours before our journey* <br />We get the news that there has been a cloudburst in Uttrakhand and it's going to rain continuously for two days. That news saddened us a little because we wanted this trip to happen. <br /><br />After lot of brainstorming, we decided to change our destination to Jodhpur (we were desperate to get out of Delhi). Initially, all were not in for this plan because people wanted to run away from the Delhi heat; but after lot of persuasion, we booked our tickets for Jodhpur (to a more hot place). <br /><br />We escaped the glass walls of our offices to begin this journey with the excitement level down to 30%. By evening, we boarded the local sleeper bus from Delhi to Jodhpur.<br /><br />After the tiring 14 hours journey, we finally reach Jodhpur. From here, our journey to The King's Landing began. <br />Though it was hot and humid, it didn't stop us from exploring places here in Jodhpur. The people and the food were amazing. Watching the sunset from our Hotel window, silhouette of the little blue houses and the grand Mehrangarh Fort was mesmerizing. <br /><br />We started the journey with little hope and took back home a bag full of memories. <br /><br />
Bikashjyoti Pathak
One word:- MAMMOTH!
Abhinaba Chatterjee
Ajeeth Ramanan
The majestic Mehrangarh is the epitome of Rathore Kings. The seat of the the Maharawals of Marwar, the blue city is fully visible from the fort.
gaurav srivastava
Mehrangarh fort was built by Rao Jodha in 1460 it is famous for its carvings and architecture. Here you can witness the rich heritage of Marwar.
Damini Aggarwal
One of the largest forts in India, it is well-maintained and the 'blue city' view from the fort is the best. On the way to the fort, you can witness locals dancing and singing. The entry and guide fee is high. The museum has a collection of paintings, palanquins, armoury etc. They do have an elevator facility for people who cannot climb much. Overall an impressive and must-visit place.
Ruchi Jain
Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest fort in India. There is a lot which can one can discover in the fort. It has a museum which consists of the outstanding collection of the applied arts during the Mughal period in the India history. It also has a professional museum shop. I loved the entire collection of art. It automatically makes you think about how the history would have been. The fort offers a paranomic view of the Blue city. Many events like the Rajasthan International Folk Festival takes place in the month of October. One can spend an entire day also exploring the beauty of the fort. The entry cost is 400 for foreigners and 60 rs for the Indians.
Gautam Modi
The 5 km long fort on the 125 m high mound is one of the most impressive and formidable structures. It was on my bucket list and I was very glad to go into it. It is made out of Red Sandstone. An audio guide is a must. Although invincible from outside the fort has four gates approached by a winding route. Since Rao Jodha decided to move his capital to the safer location of Jodhpur, this contributes to the existence of Mehrangarh. You will get to view the 360 degree aerial view of this Blue City of Rajasthan from the upper side of the fortress. Entrance fee: 60INR for Domestic tourist and 400INR for International Tourist. 170INR for Audio Guide and 100INR for Cameras. How to Reach: It is walking distance from the Clock Tower Recommended Length of Visit: 3-4 hours Tips: Go in the Morning
Gargi Vishnoi
Stands tall on a hilltop, Meherangrah is a true beauty. It has that world famous well which was shot in Dark Knight Rises. The fort is also a museum which preserves all kingly items in a great manner. The rooms, armors, palanquins look not even a day old. The shops inside the fort are expensive but really rich in Jodhpuri culture, some money can be splurged.
Samantha Mascarenhas
It is a large fort and there is a lot to see, from a family of 3 singing rajasthani songs while their kid puts on a dance; puppet show; the sea of blue houses from the top of the fort; the museums displaying old artifacts, artillery, palanquins; basically you can spend a lot of time here.
Gaurav Bhatnagar
Mehrangarh Fort boasts of one of the best museums in Rajasthan. It has ornaments from the house of royalty, medieval manuscripts and swords with marks of battles fought long ago still on them. Mehrangarh Fort has seen many battles but each time pushed back the attacking armies from Jaipur, Bikaner and even the Mughals. Cannon balls from the armies of Jaipur could not do more than making small pits of the size of a human palm in the walls of this fort. The marks can be clearly seen on outer walls.
Looking out over the city from a height of 300 feet, Mehrangarh Fort is an extraordinary achievement of beauty and architecture. The fort is home to a museum and several elegant palaces. Visit the Jaswant Thada cenotaph on the way up for a breathtaking view of the city.