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Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort stands on a rocky hilltop which is about 125m from the ground. The fort is one of the most magnificent and biggest ones in the Indian sub-continent. Battlements of the fort is around 6m to about 36m in height. The fort is still maintained and run by a royal family of Jodhpur. The legend as well as history of the fort is not only interesting but enriched with battles, wars and more. The main entrance of the fort is from the northeast side and is called Jai Pol. There is a museum inside the fort that retains the antiques from the royal families as well as from the battles. The entry to the fort is free but there is a charge for the museum. You will have to walk around 300 m to reach the main entrance or take an autorickshaw for the same. Dodh Kangra Pol is the exit gate of the fort. There are other gates called Loha Pol and Suraj Pol as well.
Abhishek Raj Sinha
This is the most beautiful fort I have seen till date.You get a very beautiful view of the Jodhpur from this fort.
Jodhpur was my next stop after exploring Jaipur. And Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur is a magnificent view to behold, in the backdrop of blue houses of Jodhpur.
Shivani Rawat
महरानगढ फोर्ट महरानगढ किला जोधपुर से 5 किलोमीटर कि दुरी पर है। इसे राओ जोधा ने 1459 में बनवाया था। यह बना है लाल बलुआ पत्थर से और किले में चार ऐसे विशाल कमरे हैं जो राजा महाराजों के रहन सहन के बारे में बिन बोले भी बहुत कुछ कह जाते हैं। यहाँ का म्यूजियम भारत के नामी म्यूजियम की लिस्ट में गिना जाता है। तलवार से भाले तक, राजाओं की पोषाक से लेकर बर्तनों तक, आपको राजा के महल में मिलने वाली साड़ी चीज़ों के यहाँ दर्शन हो जायेंगे। किला सुबह 0830 से शाम 1700 तक पर्यटकों के लिए खुला रहता है। किले से काफी करीब जिस जगह पर हम गए वो थी, जसवंत ठाड़ा।
Ananya Ghosh
If you've done even a little bit of research on Jodhpur, you know you HAVE to visit the Mehrangarh Fort. The ticket is about 100 rupees for an Indian citizen and a whooping 600 for international guests. Luckily, we had our student identity cards and entered with a 50-rupee pass!My Jaipur blogpost covers some of my travel tips and carrying your student ID card tops the list!The fort is more than magnificent and breathtaking; I couldn't seem to gauge how massive it was. After buying our tickets, we thought we had entered the fort so; we kept walking until a signboard said "This way for the fort", and I couldn't stop laughing! Its huge and overwhelming, and if you're interested in knowing the history and stories of the fort then you're in for a long day! I still think I haven't entirely seen each part of it.When you look down from the high vantage point of its ramparts, it's quite possibly one of the coolest views you'll see. It's a magical blue city in the middle of a desert with a giant fort overlooking it, palaces scattered around and in the distance you see the hills protecting it. It's quite a spectacular view.2) Other attractions
Nikita Butalia
Famous for its aerial view of Jodhpur's old city, there's more to Mehrangarh than one first thinks about before visiting. The view expands to cover almost all the major tourist spots in Jodhpur. Umaid Bhawan Palace, a spectacle worth marvelling over from every corner, is visible from the fort- as is Jaswant Thada, the famous blue houses and the clock tower. You might also be able to identify some shooting spots for Dark Knight Rises. The one thing though, that truly makes this fort unique, is the way that is has been managed. Mehrangarh Fort has been under the wing of a "Trust" called the "Mehrangarh Museum Trust" which has managed and conserved the fort since 1972. It is one of Rajasthan's best managed and conserved forts, with a lift that goes directly to the top of the fort, so visitors don't have to climb the entire fort. I would recommend taking this lift to the top, and from there you can explore the fort on your way down. Aside from its ease of accessibility and great views of the city, the fort is also a fountain of information. I would recommend hiring a guide here and really spending time to understand and grasp what life was like here, in the King's royal zenana and mardana. Your guide will also be able to give you interesting tidbits of information about life in the royal court. Duration: 1.5- 2 hours2. Tour the blue houses:It was the idea of seeing the blue houses in person that drew me to Jodhpur, and I was directed towards the "old city" for its narrow streets lined with these cobalt blue homes. A path extends from Mehrangarh Fort into the old city, and that is where it begins, extending all the way to the ghanta ghar or clock tower. Sadly though, there are much fewer houses now that are still painted blue, and one who is actively seeking a sight of blue over blue houses is bound to return disappointed. Within this small city area is the main "jhalra" with its commercialisation by stores and cafes additionally off-putting. The novelty hasn't worn off entirely though, and you can still stroll along these blue streets, exchanging pleasantries with local shop owners.3. Umaid Bhawan Palace and its surroundings: