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Mehrangarh Fort and Museum

Priya Pareek
Mehrangarh or Mehran Fort is one of the largest forts in India and was built in around 1459 by Rao Jodha. Situated 410 feet (125 m) above the city, the fort is enclosed by imposing thick walls. This is the best place to behold the beauty of the royal city.
Neha Bajaj
Popularly known as “The Blue City”, Jodhpur is one of the major tourist destinations in Rajasthan. The brawny Mehrangarh Fort mounted at the hill top of the city is the largest and most spectacular Indian fort. Also called as “the citadel of sun”, the fort has 7 major gates and each of the entrance will leave you baffled with its daunting beauty and architecture. The structure is made with red sandstone and each section of the fort is like a history ride of different architecture styles that evolved over the period of time. The abrupt transition is what makes it so remarkable. Made by the mighty king Rao Jodha, the fort was further renovated and extended by Maharaja Man Singh in the glory of his victory over Jaipur and Ajmer region.The fort has one of the well-stocked museums in India. Ranging from prestigious palanquins, pottery, currency, tapestry, flamboyant royal attires and the famous armoury displaying the most unique and attractive collection of arms. The collection certainly drifts you back to the 20th century and urges you to imagine the lifestyle of the royals.Although, you can see the blue patches from the top, but the city is hardly blue today. With time the famous blue cubes, which were marked the residence of Brahmins, have been painted with modern colours.The fort also has some souvenir shops and a café at the foot hill. I do not recommend shopping from here as it is a bit over price, but the café is definitely worth a coffee. Perfect spot for enjoying the sun slowly settling down of the fort.The fort is open for entry from 10am to 5pm. I would recommend a visit the fort at around 4 PM and enjoy the sunset and the view of the city from the top.Entry fee for the Indians is nominal Rs 60 and for the foreigners Rs 500.Budget for this visit: Transport to and fro: Rs 60, ticket: Rs 60, snacks: Rs 150-270.
Shubhangi Chauhan
Mehrangarh Fort :Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest forts in India and was built in 1459.Its one of the most impressive in Rajasthan and today it's acknowledged as one of the best preserved forts and museums in India.
Harsh Sharma
This was not easy, maybe I won't do it this way around for any of the trips in future. But this what these journey are all about, the motivation is always that I would like to spend at least a part of my life doing something, at which when I look back and be amazed more than anyone else and exclaim "Wow! Did I do that?"I would like to make a special mention to Mr. Rohith Ashok the "toll free traveller", his ride was a big push for me to go on such a biking trip, his journey from Chennai to Ladakh and back is one of the most inspiring journey I have watched. One can follow him on various social media platforms like the Instagram, Facebook, twitter and tripoto as well. Many of the lines which I have used in this blog is from his tour videos only, he is generous and humble that he allowed me to do so and he replies as soon as he can on Instagram. If one is biker wants to be one, go and follow him he is my inspiration.Any of this would not have been possible without support, encouragement, involvement and kindness of friends, family and some un-remembered names who chipped along the way. I would be forever grateful to all of them.Thank you guys, I hope this would be helping you to plan trip for yourself along with friends, family and loved ones. Encourage some of you who want to go and explore places on bikes, I would suggest them one thing only to respect the bike and mind your surroundings.
Harsh Sharma
I embarked on my journey after noon only, I was then only certain that I would be reaching home in the dark only. But the gambol paid off. The Highway from Jodhpur to Pali was a National Highway which was four lane, hence, the ride was a breeze and further on from Pali towards Jaipur it the Highway was 4 lane or better. I made a stop for food only after crossing Beawar and then reached Bagru, which is 65 KMs before Jaipur in the evening and as expected I rode in Jaipur around 7PM by the time Sun had set.Special mention to Rajendra aka Raj Manager of GoStops Jodhpur, he gave me all the necessary informations what and when shall be done. The GoStops Jodhpur was one the Crown Jewel in this whole adventure the Hostel is such cozy place to be in and happening as well. The place embellishes the Rajasthani royalty to appeal all the travellers. Here are a few images of GoStops Jodhpur. Second, for me would be the Desert Safari. I may go again for that as well, with better camera for memories in celluloid and not words.