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Erawan National Park Tha Kradan Kanchanaburi Thailand

Himani Khatreja
Hike the seven-tiered waterfall at Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi
Mansi Sharma
Sam's guesthouse, Kanchanaburi cycling around the town Bridge over river kwai River Kwai At the jeath war museum There are lot of national parks few kms away from the town. We chose Erawan national park, 65kms away, which is well connected by public transport. There are camping and lodging options as well at the national park. Erawan waterfalls: There are seven levels of the fall, its a easy trek through the jungle with a picturesque view. Final destination - Phiphi islandWe reached Krabi via one hour flight from Bangkok and a two hours ferry ride to Phiphi. It is a beautiful island with a relaxed environment. A perfect place away from the bustling city of Bangkok.
charu rawat
The park is famous for the Erawan Waterfalls which is basically a 7 tiered waterfall, each one separated from the other by a few hundred meters so you have to walk to each one of them. The water is absolutely cold and refreshing and you have many fishes inside the lagoons that’ll nibble away at your feet giving you a free pedi, yikes! The park closes by 4:30pm so try coming in early in the morning so you can visit the other caves in the park and see the sun bring out the turquoise blue colour in the lagoons.The only thing to keep in mind here is the bus timings so plan this one carefully. Buses in Bangkok usually leave well before the scheduled time so it’s easy to miss your bus.From the animated billboard covered skyscrapers to the hundreds of street markets everywhere, this city is bound to get you in one way or another, be it through sight, smell or taste. And you will love every bit of it!
charu rawat
A whole day to kill? HEAD TO ERAWAN. My last time Bangkok, I was there for 1 and a half days and hence went to the Erawan National Park.You can take a bus to Kanchanaburi which is 4 hrs long then take another bus to Erawan which is approximately an hour long. The park has beautiful hills and forests and rivers and limestone cliffs. I took an open taxi ride from Kanchanaburi to Erawan and the entire journey was so beautiful.