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Erawan Nationalpark Tha Kradan Kanchanaburi Thailand

Arundhati Sridhar
If there is a part of you that is awash in thoughts of war, crime and death after visiting the bridge on the river Kwai, relief is not too far. The Erawan National Park lies about two hours from Kanchanaburi, and houses an absolutely breathtaking seven-tiered waterfall named after Airawat, the three-headed elephant in Hindu Mythology. The Park is beautifully kept, and the 1.5 trek from the first to the seventh tier of the waterfalls is well-paved with wooden benches at every turn and plenty of tree cover to go around. The Park authorities also rent out camping equipment if you want to stay an extra night (which you will want to), and the next morning you will have the distinct privilege of starting the trek up the falls before the park even opens to outsiders, allowing you some alone time just walking alongside the turquoise waters, watching the sun rays peeking through the trees, casting their light in an almost ethereal manner on the many tiered pools that you see. The sight is so surreal at times that you actually have to stop and allow your senses to take it in. If there exists a heaven, I will be deeply disappointed if this is not what it looks like.