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The Bridge of the River Kwai Tha Ma Kham Kanchanaburi Thailand

Arundhati Sridhar
Having grown up watching The Bridge on the River Kwai with my mother and having practically memorised the iconic whistle, this was right up there on the list of things we were most looking forward to. While the movie itself was shot in Sri Lanka, this is the original bridge the novel referred to. While most of the bridge itself has been reconstructed, you are allowed to walk across it at your own pace, feel for the shell marks on its muscular frame, and try to imagine how strategic this one bridge would have been to the Japanese World War campaign to have them be willing to sacrifice so many lives and resources in the building of it. There is some comic relief in the morbidness though - when Pierre Boulle wrote the novel that became wildly popular, he was a little imprecise with his geography. So the bridge that he so eloquently placed at the center of his plot was in fact not over the river Kwai, but the river Mae Klong. Wily Thai tourism came out the cleverest in all this though, renaming the entire river Kwai Yai in the 60s and saving every tour guide the unenviable task of explaining to a tourist that had travelled all the way across the world to see this bridge how it was technically NOT the bridge on the river Kwai!