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Kangra Fort

It is about 20 kms from Dharamshala and is one of the largest forts in the Himalayas and its history can be traced back to the Mahabharata epics.
Kangra Fort and SunsetThis place is a must-see place for offbeat Dharmashala. Build on the top of Dharamshala amidst the two rivers, Patal Ganga and Banganga. The fort offers an insight into the history of the place and you will get to learn a lot there. You will feel like walking in the old world charm while visiting the fort and while listening to the audio guide along the way.
The next day, I was taken to the tea gardens for a pre-breakfast visit amidst the beautiful cherry blossoms. The morning sun, the pink flowers, lush green foliage, and the snow-capped mountains all blended to form a pristine scenery out of a picture book. I headed for the Kangra Fort next, a fortress built by the Katoch Dynasty during the ancient ages. Probably the oldest known fort in India, the Kangra Fort has been conquered and plundered several times by eminent personalities from history, namely, Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni, Feroz Shah Tughluq, and Sher Shah. In 1619, Jahangir carried a siege at the fortress with the help of Prince Khurram, and after the fort surrendered in 1621, Jahangir built a mosque within the Rajput fort. The interesting thing is, I noticed a temple of Ambika at the top of the fort, which suggested that even after the fort was taken over by the Mughals by force and tremendous bloodshed, they were respectful enough to not demolish the Hindu temple. 
Shilpi Sneha
One of the oldest fort in India was almost intact till the earthquake of 1905. The fort has three temples - Jain Temple, Ambika Mata Temple and Laxmi Narayan Temple. All of the temple walls are filled with beautiful carvings.
Garima Aneja
On the way back from Mcleodganj during a recent weekend trip, our trustworthy friend, popularly referred to as Google Maps, pointed towards a monument of historical significance : The Kangra Fort.