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Shivasamudram Falls

This is a spectacular waterfall which was earlier known as the Cauvery Waterfalls and is in the Mandya District of Mysore. The picturesque scenery is wrapped with greenery in the form of the Cauvery National Park. This is the second largest waterfall in India and the sixteenth largest in the whole world. The river Cauvery here divides into two branches and cascades down the rough and rocky cliffs to form the Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki waterfalls which are both at a kilometers' distance on both east and the west.
Shivanasamudra falls, KarnatakaIf you want to see the equivalent of Niagara falls in India, then look no further than the Shivanasamudra group of falls halfway between Mysuru and Bengaluru. There are waterfalls at two locations and they are called Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. The Gaganachukki falls also drive a hydroelectric project that powers Bengaluru city. Beyond this point, the river turns to take a north-south flow instead of west-east.
Kalaivani Velusamy
Plan phase of the Trip:We set off to Shivanasamudra from Bangalore in KTM. I have chosen this place just to enjoy the monsoon weather and also wanted to experience the bike trip. No precautionary wearables just a jean and shirt for him and a cool dress for me. Had taken jackets just in case if it rains and also from heavy winds.Beginning of the tripPlanned for 5.30 am but started around 9.30 :-P. We are lazy bums. Started the bike after having black coffee at home.Petrol check done - filled petrol for 600 bucksPacked 2 bottles of drinking water at home. Worst idea as it added up weight for me to hurt my back more for a pillion rider.Pack very light. Also KTM as a pillion rider, worst choice for the first bike trip.Took NICE Road (Paid a toll fare of Rs.25/-) to reach Kanakapura Road in 1.30 hrs from outer ring road.What to eat for:Through out Kanakapura Road you can see few fancy restaurants. We had thatte idli and coffee at a famous food joint called Sri Renuka Bidadi bisi thatte idli hotel, not sure about exact name but it comes Enroute . We went in without knowing this famous shop and found out that its pretty famous joint. Very quick service and a normal price.
kumar ozal
Popular tourist attraction beautified view in lap of mother nature shivanasamudra is a small but beautiful place in karnataka,130 km from bangalore.Best time to visit is in middle of year.
Ayushee Chaudhary
Ride away from the city noise along NH 209 to engage your ears in the roaring sound of water embracing the land at the Shivanasamudra Falls. Situated on the banks of Cauvery River, the town has gained popularity among tourists with multiple sights of gushing water to witness. Being a well-known and frequently used road, there is no dearth of pit stops on this route. The island of Shivanasamudra divides Cauvery River into two parts to form Gaganachukki and Bharachukki falls that are collectively referred to as Shivanasamudra Falls. Other nearby attractions like Chunchi Falls, Arkavathy Dam, Ranganatha temple, Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary foster the area. While the baricades that only let you see the falls from distance leave a glitch in your heart, the sight of the gushing water especially in monsoons is worth a compensation. However, the Dargah point at Gaganchukki allows you to savour yourself with water, it is not advised due to the risk involved. But if you really want to quench the heat, you will have the chance to do so while you head towards Bharachukki falls throug hthe village.