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Gilbert Nature Trail

Swati Verma
It was the best walk in the woods experience with views worth saving in the eyes! The trail was located in the army area and had several army paramveer chakra holders and their details along with inspiring messages on both sides of the road. The broad trail with signboards and quite a number of tourists ended at a nice picturesque cliff and majority of the people were returning back to the main road from that point. But we ventured further on a narrow trail on the other side of the hill that seemingly led to a huge Hanunam Temple on the top of the neighboring hill. We walked and walked clueless, yet enjoying the nature at its best. There were no sing boards and we could spot only 3-4 people on the path ahead of us. After spending around 2 hours walking along the trail which was just wide enough for one person to pass, we finally came to a point where the way ahead was not clear. The Hanuman temple was clearly visible,but the trail to it seemed lost in the woods. The group of guys just ahead of us warned us to return back to the place where we had parked our car as the trail apparently ventured into an unknown village.