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1 out of 10 attractions in Kasauli

Manki Point - Hanuman Temple

Swati Verma
Caution: Don't stop and keep walking on the trail, as later the care taker at our homestay told us that the end of the trail was the Manki point which led to the Hanuman Temple's base! And we simply missed it by whiskers, as we were discouraged by a few people ahead!The day ended with a fulfilling walk of approx 4 km and we treated ourselves with super tasty samosa bun and other local specialties at the Mall Road market.Day 2 Highlight: Parvanoo Timber Trail Heights Ropeway
The first place we visited was Manki point. This is the major tourist attraction of Kasauli. It is a temple situated on a hill which will require one to climb for about 15-20 minutes. The path is paved with stones to make rough steps and the walls have inspiring slogans on them. It is situated inside an airforce base so photography is not allowed and you have to surrender your phones and cameras before entering the area. The view from the top was awe inspiring and it really felt like time stood still.