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Kashid Beach

This is a beach town and the best along the Konkan Coastline. This is the cleanest beach out of all and the high waves of this beach make it perfect for surfers and adventure seekers. The beach is marked with white sand and blue waters. The sea is between two hillocks which have a number of Casuarina trees on top of them. The natural beauty around makes this place a peaceful retreat for people who want to escape from their daily routine and spend some quite time to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. The Murud Janjira Fortress, Birla Temple and others are other attractions around. Surfing here during the months of June- September when monsoon is at full swing can prove to be fatal.
You can also visit the Kashid beach which is just 30 minutes away from the villa. There are 16th century Jesuit Monetary ruins as well and of course the main town of Alibag is just 25 minutes away!
Anubhav Raikar
Nakshatra Sain
Kashid Beach is 168 km's away from Mumbai and 190 km's away from Pune . It is one of the best gateway if you are bored from the crowd and roughness of the city. The Beach is very clean and one of the most soothing beach I have been on. It is way better then those over rated beach of Mumbai. I am attaching a few pictures and link of the VLOG that I created on my trip to Kashid down below which covers all the things from Water sports to all the things you can do there. Have a look if you are planning a trip there.WATER SPORTS:-It will cost you around 600 bucks for all the water sports which includes 3 major sports.1. Banana Ride.2. Jet Ski3. Bumpy ride.If you do all three sports in Goa, it will cost you around Rs. 1800.4. Paragliding:- You can also do Paragliding, it will cost cost you around Rs. 1500 but it is worth the experience.STAY:-We stayed in a guest took one room Rs 600 for around 8-10 hours. So yeah a lot of amazing guest house are available.Is it good for a Road trip? :-It will be an amazing road trip , we drove from Pune at night reach there around 3'o clock. It will be a lovely road trip experience with friends.BEST TIME TO VISIT:-This is such a soothing place that if you will visit any time you will be refreshed. If you are planning for a little outing on weekend you can easily reach there in the morning and come back by late evening around 10 P.M.Just stay there till Sunset, Sunset is very pretty. Do watch the video if you are planning a trip, it will be really helpful.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9v4bv-RNEgSnapchat, Instagram, Twitter- vjnakshatra.
Kashid-MurudThis beach stretch south of Mumbai along the coast is quite a nice drive actually. Takes about 3 hours or so to reach the first beach, but then onwards the road is along the sea, and you get breath-taking views along the way.The first beach we stopped at was the Kashid beach, a nice stretch with white sand. The water was clean too. Its important to go to these places during cooler season though, otherwise the heat irritates you so much, that you end up not spending enough time there.Driving on from Kashid, is the Murud beach, and also the Jazeera fort. The Jazeera fort is in the middle of the sea, built again by Shivaji! You can take a boat also till the fort (which we did not). On the way to Murud, you can also see this old haveli kind of place, built on a cliff. The beach in the photo is the Murud beach, and there are a couple of resorts there also to stay. Again good drive, good beaches, but you need the weather in your favour to enjoy it!
Urvashi Panchal
Kashid Beach: Kashid is a beach town on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in the North Konkan region of Maharastra. Kashid is popular mainly because of its white sand, blue seas, green mountains, paddy fields, and rivulets. Kashid has a 3 km stretch of beach tucked in between two rocky hillocks with Casuarina groves all along the seashore which attracts the tourist to visit it. This is by far the best beach in this part of the Konkan region.The waves here are unusually high and can be a paradise for surfing. There are many other activities also been carried out like ATV ride, Horse riding, Buggy Ride, etc.From which I had performed ATV ride and Buggy ride. Surfing is closed during monsoons as the waves are too high to surf.
Megha Jamb
Kashid is a beach destination known for its virgin beaches and clean surroundings. A fairly untouched part of Maharashtra, it is perfect to visit with families, group of friends and even for couples.Route:It is 130 kms from Mumbai by road. You can opt to take the road but we opted for the jetty (a small boat that can comfortably accommodate 75 people), a way to save both, cost and time. Boarding the 11.15 am jetty from Gateway of India we reached the Mandwa port within an hour and 10 minutes. A breezy and fun ride, it definitely is the best bargain at Rs. 85 – Rs. 120 a ticket depending on which boat service you opt for.
sameer bhalerao
Then we headed to Kashid one of the clean and awesome beach and most facilities of all. This is the virgin beach. Mostly unknown, do visit here. Sports and beach life at kashid is just amazing. Sunset is quite refreshing. This is ideal beach which is less crowded and attractive.
Shrutikantha Kandali
The gem of a place I found is known by the name Kashid. It is a beach town on the shores of the Arabian Sea. What it has to offer? Peace, nature, a clean beach and as its most attractive offer, a private beach all for yourself! The entire beach is spread across 4-5 kms, deserted and pristine. It is one of those places where once you reach; you feel it’s been awaiting your presence until then. The waves are high enough for you to enjoy and on lucky days, it’s a paradise for surfers.
Muktadhara Ray
 Kashid is about 170 km from Pune and the best way to reach there is hire a cab (of course if you don't own a vehicle of your own.) The standard cab charges from Pune is 300 km at the rate of Rs 8 per day + driver charges(Rs 200). So around 7 am in the morning we set out in a ford Figo for Kashid. The drive at the Pune Mumbai expressway and breakfast at Lonavla makes up for most of the efforts put. The beauty of this place during monsoons is beyond what words can describe. The place where you take a detour from the expressway towards Kashid, the road is dusty , broken and the ride is not very pleasant. Finally after a couple of hours into this nightmarish travel, the first sight of sea is a relief. Kashid has one big main resort, named Prakriti, but if you check the rates online, it is pretty expensive. So it is best to go for cheaper resorts or hotels. The one that we stayed in charged us 1400 INR per night. The first sight of the resort was pleasant, there were palm/coconut trees in the grounds and hammocks were tied to the branches. The room was modest and clean and we quite liked it. My motto whenever I visit any beach is to try the fishes available and stay away from chicken.We wasted no time in ordering pomfret thalis for dinner and set out in the hunt of lunch. Lunch was a feast of fishes and rice for us, pomfret, bangda, surmai, rawet and what not in a small nameless shack by the road .Once our bong taste buds were satisfied with the wide variety of fishes, without wasting any time, we set out for the Murud Janjira fort. 
Shewali Tiwari
Had absolutely nothing in mind when I heard about Kashid first, I Googled and read a lot on various travelling websites; however I still remained highly intrigued about the place. When I made my plans to land my butt at Kashid beach, little did I know that this will be an experience worth sharing. You can read my full experience on my blog. ( http://shewalitiwari.com/a-trip-to-kashid-beach/) Kashid is actually a deserted area and very scarcely populated, As a visitor you won’t have much places to go to. They have a small tea stall near to the beach that serves Maggie, kanda ( onion) bhajiya, fish rolls, poha , chips, cold drinks and that’s all. Your hotel might be the only place where you will find actual food to eat.Tips: Always make prior reservations for hotels and bargain; there is a lot of room for it. There isn’t much to do therefore carry board games, books, volleyball or anything that interest you to pass your time, if you are a couple, I’d suggest to you take books along. There are no ATM’s nearby, the nearest ATM would be 16-17 K.M away from the place that you are supposed to stay, carry cash accordingly. Carry a little stuff to munch on, because there aren’t much places for good food, munching can slake your need. No mode of transportation in and around the town; make certain that you have your own vehicle. Carry torch, at night it gets extremely dark because there are no street lights. Bargain for your water sports as well, I saved close to 1000 there.
Kashid is a beautiful place on the shores of the Arebian sea, its specially popular for white sand , blue sea and green mountain……I have started my trip from Pune to kashid... Distance from pune to kashid is almost 159 kms and other places are near by kashid....I went there in winter and as this is the pick time, so the hotel rates are high, otherwise its in budget.....kashid beach is really an awesome place where you can spend your special time with family and friends ....Those who are really interested in historical places like fort, no need to worry.... korlai and revanda fort is near by kashid only....
Getaway from hustle and bustle of city we friends decided to go onto a road trip which will take us to Kashid beach. Kashid beach is not much crowded as compared to Alibaug maybe because it is additional 40kms away. The route is scenic nevertheless. While traversing towards Kashid once you leave Alibaug the road is little narrower and two lanes only. There are multiple options to reach Kashid from Mumbai either by road (car / bike / bus) or by ferry from Mumbai to Mandwa and then a tuk tuk rickshaw and purely depends on how one wants to travel. I am not a beach person sadly, but anyhow thought of giving this beach a try. Had heard from one of my friends that the beach is quite and peaceful. On a lazy weekend i thought it will be a great outing with friends. So made a few phone calls and planned an outing. Since only two people in the group knew how to drive, we booked two cars (zoomcar with speed limited to 120km/hr) to cater to our needs. ON the day of departure from Chembur we picked up the cars from BKC parking lot and after inspection and verification of paper work we were on the go. Picked up rest of the team and headed towards our first stop on the famous Mumbai Alibaug route.Birthday celebrations (first mini stop)One of our friends was celebrating her birthday on this day and we planned to celebrate it on the way by cutting the cake and having some fun. Best place to do this while coming from Mumbai on road side under trees had to be Palm Beach road. One of the best roads you can drive / laze around in Mumbai. We cut the cake and had some goodies for the birthday gal. It was fun to see everyone enjoying and having fun.Shree Dutt Snacks corner (Palaspa Phata)A very famous joint among travelers who transit between Mumbai - Pune (Old highway), Mumbai Goa (NH66), Mumbai Alibaug (NH66), Navi Mumbai Uran. I have been staying all my life and travelling on the same route, i am yet to come to terms with what is special about this place. Is it hyped or is it just too good. However if you ask people residing in that nearby area (like me) we may wanna skip the place. Vada Pav's are famous in Maharashtra and there are really authentic vada pav stalls in Navi mumbai or on the NH66 highway near Pen which server great vada paav's.Post a quick breather, we started our journey towards Kashid. The drive was bit slow (as there is speed limit on Zoomcar), bit bumpy at times, but super fun with great friends. Maintaining a average speed of 80km/hr we crossed Pen and then Alibaug. One the way on of the villagers told us to visit Korlai fort which is enroute to Kashid. We heeded to the advise and made it to Korlai fort.Warning:- Road is dusty and bumpy. Its not fully constructed and one may feel they are offroading in the vehicle. Its fun though.
sameer bhalerao
virgin beach very clean
Sandeep  yadav
People call it Mini Goa..
Ruchi Jain
Kashid beach is one such beautiful beach in Alibaug where you can swim,play and have fun. The beach has magical white sand which is not found in every other beach. You can take a nap or sit and enjoy the sea view by tying a net between two trees. Coconut tress makes you feel in Kerala. The coconut water is very yummy and sweet. The sunset is very pleasing to eyes and makes and vanishes all your stress. There are many stalls outside the beach and the panipuri here is very delicious. One can stay in cottages here which starts from 1000 rs. Don't miss the sea food and coastal cuisine here.
Muktadhara Ray