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October - June
Open 24 hours
swimming, surfing, photography
September - May
Families, Friends
1 out of 3 attractions in Kashid

Kashid Beach

This is a beach town and the best along the Konkan Coastline. This is the cleanest beach out of all and the high waves of this beach make it perfect for surfers and adventure seekers. The beach is marked with white sand and blue waters. The sea is between two hillocks which have a number of Casuarina trees on top of them. The natural beauty around makes this place a peaceful retreat for people who want to escape from their daily routine and spend some quite time to refresh and rejuvenate themselves. The Murud Janjira Fortress, Birla Temple and others are other attractions around. Surfing here during the months of June- September when monsoon is at full swing can prove to be fatal.
કાશીદ બીચઆ સ્થળ હવે પર્યટક સ્થળ બની રહ્યું છે. જ્યારે મેં પ્રથમ આ સ્થાનની મુલાકાત લીધી હતી ત્યારે આ સ્થાન થોડાક જ લોકોથી ભરેલું હતું. જે દરિયાના મોજા માણી રહ્યા હતા અને માછીમારો માછીમારી કરી રહ્યા હતા. આ વિસ્તાર ચારે બાજુથી સુંદર, ઊંચા વૃક્ષો અને હરિયાળીથી ભરેલો છે.
akshay kumar
Reached  resort near revdanda beach via Alibaug  and went to kashid beach in the evening.
Utsav Galphat
One 2nd day, early morning we again visited the varsoli beach to click some photos and have breakfast.We had our morning tea there with Misal-pav and Kombadi vade. After having fun there we checkout from the hostel and head towards Kashid beach, in the way we also explore some beautiful beaches like Revdanda and Nagon,it was less crowded.We reached kashid beach around 2 pm, hence started searching for hostel or guesthouse finally we had checked in to a guest house which was very beautiful, it was more like a home. To reach kashid there is rarely some transport available hence suggest you to travel with your own or rented vehicle. After having our sea food lunch, we head towards the beach there also we tried various rides which are budget friendly.This beach is very clean and clear compared to previously visited. After this busy day we had some drinks. To buy it we had to travel 3-4 km in search of the shop. Kashid is very beautiful and budget friendly to visit.The food here is really awesome, we tried fish (surmai and pomfret) and crabs also.
১৭। কাশিদ, মহারাষ্ট্র
We fell in love with Alibaug and we're sure you'll enjoy the entire Mumbai to Alibaug journey.