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- Other treks include Chalal (short one, LOVE the spot by the bridge crossing with Maggi - I spent 4 hours one afternoon there, explains a lot), Tosh, Kheerganga and Pulga (fairy forest).- Get a driver/guide- best decision ever! Tony was amazing for all kasol intel, provided moral support and ensured I reached Malana and also patiently imparted some key skills. Call- 9816755063. Another good driver is Rajat- 8628831100
Souvik Roy
We crossed it on foot and reached the cab booking center at Barsheini. The cab took us to Kasol. When we got down, we honestly found Kasol to be very congested. As we were fanatically searching the internet for an alternate place to spend the night, that’s when the localities told us that there is a place called Chalal which is about 20 minutes walking distance from Kasol. We picked up our rucksacks and took a right before the main bridge in Kasol. A picturesque trail awaited. We crossed a foot bridge across the Parvati river and followed the trail.
Mahesh Maddala
So I told them that I don't. They mentioned to me that the Chalal trek is where you will get some clay. They asked me if i would tag along. I nodded my head with all the energy in my body in agreement. I was virtually jumping in my head. So we started the trek. I didn't plan on going for the trek so i wore flipflops which were slipping but it was fun. Chalal trek is a very small trek 2.5 km and it wasn't that steep. But the view made my eyes pop out of my skull. The smell of nature caught me like a virus. It was heart-stopping. I could've sat there forever.
DeepAnwita Nandi
MALANA to CHALALCOST: Included in 850 INR for Jari - Malana - Chalal
To try our luck, we trekked to Chhalal village, but in vain as we couldn't find a room. So, we sat down by the river, discussing what we should do next. The angry Parvati river ignored us as we considered our options and called up a few of our Himachali friends to ask them what we could do next.