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The last motorable stop in the Parvati Valley, Tosh is where peace and quite combine together to create calm....

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Trekking towards Tosh Tosh is a village at the end of the Parvati Valley....

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A village known for the plantations of marijuana, this is a smooth trek and a place of immense natural beauty. The small village is quite vibrant and populated and is just near another village of great beauty known as Kasol. Even in the Tosh Village you will find the mighty Parvati River flowing the same way as in Kasol. While Kasol is a little hike, Tosh is extremely easy and can be chosen by anyone. Another good part is that you do not need to carry much when you come here as you will find a number of homestays and very good food here. As you stand on one of the raised hillocks over here, you get a perfect view of the surrounding green valleys and the roofs of the village houses. There is also a large temple in Tosh.
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After a beautiful, late night in Tosh we woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for another day of exploring. I had some eggs and toast from the cafe and we set off on our way back down the hill to meet our cab driver. We drove back to Kasol and once we arrived we set out a small trek to explore some more of Kasol. We found a cafe to have some lunch and then went down to the edge of the rocks on the river. I took off my shoes and dipped my feet into the ice cold Parvati River which is a feeling everyone must experience at least once in their life!
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About Tosh

My advice, DO NOT rent a bike there as you won’t have much to drive. Kasol to Tosh is just 20 kilometers, we had to rent because we did not have time to go into taxi and trek for two kilometers as we had a bus in the evening.Tosh is a very small village, similar to Malana but yet different. Barshaini, which was the base for Kheer Ganga is also actually a base for Tosh too. You can trek 4 kilometers to Tosh from Barshaini or the another option being, the bikes.We had a really good time in Tosh, which is really a very beautiful village, with a lot of cafes with awesome ambience. Being there, I felt the urge to stay there for atleast 15 days, doing nothing but sit by the river with a book and a coffee.We sat by the river, with Maggie in the plate, sipping tea and talking about things, things that do not matter but little did we know, we were creating memories, memories so beautiful that they will always make us smile.And another awesome journey marks its end.This post was originally published on A Public Diary.

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Best time to visit Tosh is from March to June


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