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Very well known for the popular Shree Krishna Temple, Ambalapuzha is a small town in Kerala and sees visitors from all across the country. Though the town doesn't offer much to visitors, the temple here more than makes up for the lack of other touristy spots. The Krishna Temple is situated alongside a small pond and is famous for its delicious prasad, payasam. The dish is made of rice and milk is perhaps the best in the southern part of the country. In earlier times, human sacrifice used to take place here but now the sacrifice is restricted to animals. The temple is also one of the very few temples in the country where Pallipana is performed by sorcerers annually. Ladies, do remember to wear a sari or lehenga when you are visiting the temple or else you will not be allowed. The language spoken in the temple is Malayalam and if you'd like to understand what is happening, it's best to request a local to help. Other than the temple, there is nothing much to explore in Ambalapuzha and you can use this town as a stop on your holiday itinerary rather than making it your entire vacation destination.
There are more famous, grander temples in Kerala, but Ambalappuzha is in a song that almost everybody in Kerala would hum along to if you played it. The town is in the Alapuzha district. The Sri Krishna temple is where the idol of Krishna from the much more famous Guruvayoor Temple was brought for safekeeping in 1789. Extra incentive to visit: the paal payasam (milk pudding/kheer) at the temple is very famous, both for the story behind it and for how awesome it is. If that isn’t enough either, Alapuzha has some extremely nice beaches and the backwaters are right there.