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Devikulam is a hill station located in the southern state of Kerala. A nature lover's paradise, Devikulam is sure to charm you with its green pastures, sparkling lakes and tea gardens. Perhaps the most famous tourist destination here would be the Devi Lake. It is believed that Sita, the wife of Lord Rama bathed in this spring and since then this lake is hailed as a site of holy pilgrimage. Endowed with the bounty of flowing waters, Devikulam also houses the Pallivasal and Thoovanam Falls. In contrast to each other, the Pallivasal falls roll gently off the surface of rocks while the Thoovanam Falls rush at a great speed. Devikulam also has a wide variety of tea plantations and spice gardens sprinkled all about, and the refreshingly delicious aroma that hangs around in the air is an olfactory delight. The nearest railway stations to Devikulam are located in Kochi and Kottayam. Buses, taxis and private cars carry passengers into Devikulum quite conveniently too.
Shubham Dicaprio
We reached Munnar around 8 in the morning, a night full of bumpy ride as we got the last seats on the bus we needed some time to rest our bodies. We got into the bus to Devikulam and it dropped us right in front of our Hotel. We checked in and took a much-needed rest by sleeping for some time. We woke up around 12 in the afternoon and headed for the lunch at the Restaurant downstairs where we ate delicious Kerala Food at a mere 60 bucks per person.Post lunch we started walking towards Devikulam or more precisely to Lockhart Tea Factory and Museum. The valleys were beautiful, pristine and every place would look like worth capturing for, after 1-hour walk, clicking photos everywhere in between we reached Lockhart Tea Estate. The tickets for the guided Tea Factory Tour and Museum visit costs 200 per person. There you will get to know about how your most favourite beverage is made. Then we moved to their Cafe where we sipped warm tea in the midst of beautiful and calm surroundings and soaked some vibes of Munnar.Afterwards, we took a Jeep to Munnar town, there we bought few things like spices, hand made soaps, sarees, banana chips and many more things. Krishna Supermarket is a good shop to buy all the tourist-centred things at a reasonable price at one place.
A CoupleOfTrippers
Upon reaching Munnar, we went straight to Chithirapuram and checked in to Athens Cottage (12kms from Munnar). After dumping our saddles and freshening up a bit, we left for a ride to Devikulam. Since Munnar is a buzzing city (also it being Sunday), Devikulam was the safest option for spending the whole day. The tea estates looks like a velvet lawn from afar.
Footloose Backpackers
Next on our list was Devikulam, another hill station, 5 km away from Munnar (well, not literally) in the Idukki District. It is believed that Goddess Sita bathed in Lake Devikulam. The water of the lake is believed to be rich in minerals and possesses curative properties. The road to devikulam is not only narrow but dangerous. Initially, you will find nothing interesting in the panoramas, but once away from the city life, it becomes magnificent. The lush green plantations and vast expanses of tea estates will blow your mind. After spending around an hour there, we headed to Lakkam falls, for the dip in the ice-cold water is something that cannot be missed.
Bharti Singh
I would recommend staying in Devikulam which is about 5km away and 500ft above Munnar town. It’s got some beautiful home-stay options, lush green tea-estates and cool mountain breeze.
Kannan K R