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Nakul Singh
Day 7 / Back to civilization (Mweka camp to Mweka gate)Distance: 10kms, Elevation 3000m to 1800m: , Vegetation: RainforestEarly in morning we left Mweka campsite and took the final 10kms through rainforests. It was mostly downhill and was possibly the most beautiful trail I have ever been to. Tall trees surrounded by lush green bushes filled the oxygen deprived brain with cleanest natural oxygen. Thoughts of reaching back to civilization felt so good after a thrilling week on the mountain. We reached Mweka gate and ended this adventure by singing Kilimanjaro song with our entire crew of porters and guides. These guys are the real heroes of this mountain, climbers are just tourists.
Anuj Tikku
I had gotten into Dar es Salaam and the plan was to see the wildlife on this side of the African landscape as I have seen one side at Kenya already. I had tied up with a local tour guide through people I knew at Africa from earlier. I was now getting to know about travelling through the continent covering countries.