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Gillman's Point

You'll be up at 11PM or 12AM to prepare for the night climb. Your goal will be to arrive at the crater rim at sunrise (around 6AM). Step out of the School Hut into the cold mountain air in pitch-blackness. You will start out the steep, switch-backing trail that is the route up to the rim. Set a slow pace to keep your strength in reserve for later in the day. Through the night you will pass through various rock formations and along cliff bands but it will impossible to make out the features as you are moving along. Be aware of cold feet and hands, and sleepiness through the night as the temperature is often close to 0 degrees F (- 16 C). Depending on our pace, you will reach the main trail from Kibo Hut between 3 or 4 AM and there will be many more climbers along the route. At about 5 AM, the sky will begin to brighten and you will able to see Gillman’s point not to far away up the steep 45 degrees slope. At sunrise prepare for the stunning views below you and Mawenzi peak on the sunlight horizon. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the scene, even pictures fail to do it justice. Once you arrive at Gilman's Point, take a water and food break to gain some energy for the last bit of climbing to the summit.