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Ko Pha-ngan Surat Thani Thailand

Gautam S
The Numero Uno of party in Asia has to be the monthly full-moon party held in the tiny island of Koh Phangan . Having been to this party twice, I can personally vouch for its complete madness and insanity. With its intoxicating energy, huge crowd and captivating excitement, it is one of those unforgettable experiences. Though the drinks are cheap (about 100 baht for a cocktail), the hostel/hotel prices surge on the party night. So it is advisable to book early. This party definitely deserves an entry on the bucket list. For more information: http://www.fullmoonparty-thailand.com/
Sonali Thapar
Getting ThereKoh Pha Ngan is a very special place with dreamy palm trees and white sand beaches. With the global notoriety that the Full Moon Party has gained, people often forget the quaint nature of this island. The islands nightlife capital, Haad Rin, is home to the Full Moon Party and contains the largest concentration of beach clubs that run the length of the beach.Depending on where you’re coming from, Koh Samui and Koh Tao are the two closest islands to Ko Pha Ngan. There are inexpensive ferries running daily between all the islands and one doesn’t necessarily need to buy a ticket in advance. The fastest way to reach from Bangkok is a short flight to Koh Samui and then a ferry-ride to the island. One wouldn’t recommend the budget friendly overnight bus & boat options one can purchase in Bangkok due to the lack of clarity of quality.
The name says it all, words are not enough to describe this bar so here’s a video to so:
Set on top of a big rock, with it’s all natural architecture this bar blends in with it’s surrounding and gives a feeling of oneness with nature. The seating of this bar is the traditional Thai triangle pillows which shouts out to the visitors to come in and relax.
Ajeet Singh
New Place, New Friends, so natural so beautiful