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September - February
Families, Couples
10 out of 34 attractions in Kodaikanal

Lake View Point

Anil Kumar
One can have a amazing view of the man made heart shaped lake from this view point. This is also included in the day trip in Kodaikanal.
Akshansh Singh
So it was worth standing there for a while after which we moved ahead without any plan about our next spot so we just started walking with our most trusted tour guide Google maps, which led us to Bryant park just like any other park it has a lot of greenery, with places to sit and shops outside the park from where you can purchase things to munch. After this we went ahead on a road which led us to Upper Lake View Point, talking about the road it was wonderful one cannot get bored even after walking on that for hours. But this was not the matter of hours it took us 45 minutes to reach to the Upper Lake View Point, the view from up there can leave any one mesmerized. The great mountains, lake, the city and the clouds keep everyone who visits that place company, not to forget the tasty maggi and tea that you will find up there gets even more tasty with that view. The sunset is a cherry on the top, as the setting sun spreads its golden light on the green mountain and on the colourful city which makes everything shine like gold.
Aarush Tandon
On the way to Coaker's walk, the most incredible of all the spots we saw Upper Lake View point which gives a magnificent view of Kodaikanal Lake.
Lipsita Singh
It's been long since I wanted to visit kodaikanal and finally was really happy to be there.After an overnight journey from Bangalore we reached kodaikanal at 8 am in the morning.The weather looked just perfect and we were fully charged to indulge in the beauty of the queen of the hill stations. We booked a taxi from the bus stand and headed towards kodai sunshine hotel in chettiar road. The hotel and the hotel staff were just the best and staying there was an amazing experience. After checking in we relaxed for sometime and headed out for sight seeing around 1.30 pm.Places visited : Upper lake view,Vattakanal falls,panambur falls, lion's cave, mountain view, dolphin's nose,echo point,500 years old tree, a church, coaker's walk. The taxi charged around 1600 for this.