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Pillar Rocks Road

Saheli Bera
This place is one of the most favourite places of mine from Kodaikanal. The name is placed so as three vertically positioned rocks standing up gracefully to the height of 400 feet. The aura of this place felt to be so royal. The view of these majestic rocks is something not to be missed at all. Standing on the edge and eyeing at this mysterious creation of mother nature created a plethora of thoughts in my mind; 'Is it your unpredictable force or unmerciful weather or magnificent height or majestic gracefulness that makes your presence so demanding?'. One can easily go into hypnotised state while soothing the eyes with this view.
Akshansh Singh
Before reaching down we stopped at another view point named ‘The silent valley view point’ also known by the locals as suicide point, that point can really give a view to behold.
Akshansh Singh
After spending an hour or so there we started our walk again beneath the evening sky beside a golf field, and a dense forest.
Akshansh Singh
Again in a few seconds everything was clear which showed us a broken fence and entry into the forest where there was trees and monkeys and spots for perfect clicks.